Sudan: ICC on War Crimes in Darfur, USS Cole, Funky Hairstyle & More

There has been quite a lot of action in the Sudanese blogosphere during the past 3 weeks. We'll start with the International Criminal Court‘s announcement which named 2 suspects accused of committing war crimes in Darfur.

The Sudanese Thinker was surprised when he saw the picture of one of the suspects:

Ahmed Mohamed Haroun is one of the two named by the ICC as suspected war criminals involved in Darfur. Today for the first time I saw a picture of him.


Does he look Arab to you? He doesn’t to me. In fact he looks Darfurian. But is he really? If yes, it would mean he’s either an Afro-Arab or an Arabized African. “Darfur is a genocide perpetrated by Arabs against Africans” is an oversimplification of what’s really happening. I hope the picture above is more proof of this.

He's also confused with some aspects involving Sudan, China, America and the CIA:

My head really hurts! Something is fishy here and I’m trying hard to make sense of what’s happening with:

1) China’s move which contradicts Hu Jintao’s visit to Sudan.

2) America’s plan B (and its latest coercive efforts against Sudan) which contradict the news of the CIA building its largest center for east Africa in Sudan and also the cooperation between Sudanese intelligence and the CIA (a fact which gets little to no coverage in the US media).

Black Kush brings news on 2 Southern Sudanese officials arrested on corruption charges:

That is a bold move by the Government of South Sudan on corruption. Martin Malwal became one of the richest South Sudanese men in Khartoum these days and his wealth has been the issue of debate among the people. The other guy seems to be a scapegoat and there are definitely many heads going to role. It is about time, anyway.

He also brings our attention to the news on Sudan's Vice President, Salva Kiir meeting Darfur rebels:

Atlast VP Salva Kiir is trying to throw his weight on the Darfur crisis. Where was he all this time. The SPLM hands off approach was ot acceptable. His party is part of the government and will certainly be equally blamed.

Hope his peace efforts bear fruit.

Meanwhile, Hipster is angry at the news of the lawsuit brought against Sudan by the families of the victims of the USS Cole bombing:

Now, I'm 100% sure that the US is targeting my country. Since the Darfur tactic has proven ineffectual, they are using other means to pressurize the govt.As CS contended, why don't the US compensate for the bombing of Al Shifa Factory in Khartoum in 1998.I saw the missile flying in the air with my own two eyes!!!

Nomadic Thoughts also expressed her anger but at something different. She was furious after reading about this news:

GUJRANWALA, PAKISTAN – Working for the public was a gift from God for Zille Huma Usman, Punjab's provincial minister for social welfare.

But two weeks ago, Muhammed Sarwar violently disagreed, killing her before a crowd because, he said, God does not allow women to work. He later told police that he felt no remorse for his crime.

This is what she had to say:

Reading about things like this just annoys the hell out of me. Who are these idiots that run around and pretend that they are carrying out Allah's will? These people are obviously mentally unstable and they have the nerve to claim that this is Islam!

And now on a lighter note, a picture of a Sudanese Umm Bororo tribe member with a funky hairstyle:

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