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German “Open Music” Band Dedicates a Concert for Peru

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[Editors Note: The following post originally appeared [1] on the weblog of Creative Commons Peru and was translated into english by Juliana Rincón Parra [2]. We've already seen a rural Ecuadorean [3] “techno-folklorist” become an international celebrity [4] by using YouTube and a weblog. Now a small German band is reaching out to bloggers around the world in their efforts to gain fame and make friends.]

Röntgenschall [5] is on a virtual tour in Lima, Perú. With it´s motto, “your blog is my stage”, this small band from a small German city seeks to accomplish their great dream: Play gigs throughout the world. With this in mind and defying the paradigm that some people have that – the internet and the online diffusion of music goes against their interests – they designed a system that ranked their fans. The five blogs with most votes would host a virtual concert especially dedicated and edited for them, their country, and community of users. So that´s how the peruvian blog Txitua.org [6] was chosen as their next “concert stop.”

This band has used different social networking mechanisms to spread their music: Del.icio.us, biTTorrent, Jamendo, Myspace, Youtube, Hi5. They have even freed up their music under a Creative Commons atribution, noncommercial, share-alike license. These are Web 2.0 tools every Peruvian artist should know.

I like Röntgenschall, what can I do to help them?

- Download, copy, spread and remix their music.
– Blog, make a Podcast or VideoCast
– Join their fan club [7], maybe your blog will be their next stop
– Visit Jamendo [8], write, rank it, make it your favorite
Add them [9] to your MySpace
Add [10] them to your hi5


- Press release in English [11]
– The band's blog [12]
Concert at Txitua.org [13]