20 March 2007

Stories from 20 March 2007

Kazakhstan: Nauryz Soundtrack

  20 March 2007

Depending on who the community, Navruz, the Persian holiday marking the beginning of spring that is celebrated in Iran, Central Asia, and elsewhere, is today or tomorrow. News from the Caravan has a soundtrack for Nauryz for those who want to add a little Kazakh flavor to their celebrations.

Nigeria: dispute over presidential candidacy

  20 March 2007

The Head Heeb on the dispute over the Nigerian Vice-President candidacy, “The root cause of the controversy is Article 137 of the constitution, which prohibits any person indicted for fraud or embezzlement from running for president, as well as similar clauses disqualifying indicted persons from standing for the national assembly...

Non-Political Reactions to Bush's Visit to Guatemala

  20 March 2007

Photo of protesters and police officers by R. Scott Lamorte (More here). Touring this week through Guatemala's blogosphere, it was interesting to read the reactions to President Bush's recent visit, which differed from the usual pronouncements against U.S. policy. Some Bloggers discussed the Hollywoodesque display of security agents, how protests...

Palestine: Hip Hip Concert

Palestinian blogger Imaan, who is now based in Sweden, gives us a detailed account of how she was able to finish her housework, arrange for her children to be looked after and slip with a friend to attend a Palestinian hiphop concert here. “Here's what I liked most about them;...

Palestine: Wall Demo Planned

“Palestinians from the souther Bethlehem village of Umm Salamuna and neighboring villages will protest against the Israeli bulldozers which are currently razing their land for the Apartheid Wall. In honor of Mother’s Day, Palestinian and international women will march in solidarity on the frontlines during the demonstration,” announced the International...

Palestine: Report on Palestinian Women

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics issued a report about the situation of Palestinian women in the West Bank and Gaza on the occasion of Mother's Day, writes Palestinian blogger Amal A. Mother's Day is celebrated on March 21 in all Arab countries.

Palestine: Update on Nablus

“For four consecutive nights, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have invaded Balata Refugee Camp on the outskirts of Nablus, Occupied Palestine. They drove up and down the camp, threw percussion grenades and fired randomly at residents’ homes,” writes Bahrain-based Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah here.

Jordan: Facebook and Bloggers

Jordan-based blogger Shaden Abdul-Rahman says it seemed like all Jordanian bloggers woke up one morning and signed onto Facebook en masse. “So it seemed like Jordanians woke up one day and decided to group sign-up for Facebook accounts. It’s funny how almost everyone from JB signed up for an account...

Turkey is Typing….Business and Travel

What I thought were the interesting blog posts this week all seemed to revolve around business and travel. I think that it is the coming of spring that makes me what to run away from ordinary life. Of course, if you wish to run away to say…Turkey…blogger Talk Turkey has...

Russia: Politkovskaya's Killers

  20 March 2007

As the world reads to remember Anna Politkovskaya tonight, La Russophobe posts a translation of a forum thread featuring photos of the Russian journalist's alleged killers following her into the supermarket just off Komsomolsky Prospekt in Moscow.

Russia: Now and Before

  20 March 2007

What has been written about Russia under Nicholas II sounds much like what could've been written about Putin's Russia. Apricotflan.com draws some conclusions and makes some forecasts.

Poland: Junk Food

  20 March 2007

Traveling Life writes about junk food in Poland; in a comment, the beatroot explains what kind of a political statement he makes when he eats Big Macs.