18 March 2007

Stories from 18 March 2007

South Africa: GMO maize may be toxic

  18 March 2007

Ian Gilfillan reacts to a report by Greenspeace that genetically modified maize may be toxic, “Since maize is a staple diet in South Africa, especially for poor communities, it's long been a concern that South Africa's poor has been experimented on in this way, as in most countries, GMO foods...

Trinidad & Tobago: A podcast returns

  18 March 2007

Caribbean Free Radio returns with its first podcast in 200-plus days, a look behind the scenes at the repeat performance of the annual Carnival show by the rapso band 3canal.

China: Officer dismissed for blogging

  18 March 2007

In China, there's more precedent for blogging getting people in trouble with the police than there is for blogging in itself getting one getting fired. So what happens to cops who blog? Check out Hubei-based Soho Xiaobao blogger Wu Youming‘s most recent post, ‘Confessions of a canned cop‘, dated March...

Iran:Made in USA Cigars

Haji Washington says that Iranian parliament has given permission for importing cigars ( cigaretts) without any restriction, The blogger adds that American cigarettes are considered as agricultural products and they are not included in USA sanctions agianst Iran. The blogger writes so far tobacco related products are counted for about...

Mauritius: body painting with colors of independence

  18 March 2007

Artist Krishna Luchoomun does body paiting with colors of independence in Mauritius, “For the 39th independence day celebration, L’Hebdo newpaper came up with an innovative concept. It asked Krishna Luchoomun to do a body painting with the colours of the independence.”

Liberia: Decoration Day 2007

  18 March 2007

“Wednesday was Decoration Day, the day when Liberians clean and decorate the graves of their ancestors. We walked around in the Palm Grove cemetery in the late afternoon, after most people had already come and gone, and many graves were freshly repainted,” Liberia Ledger reports.

Africa: business media focusing on Africa

  18 March 2007

A list of publications focusing on business in Africa from the Benin Epilogue Part 1: “The country or continent of origin for these publications is overshadowed by the fact that there still is not enough coverage of Africa's business news. So, these business publications from other regions of the world...

Malawi: redefining wealth

  18 March 2007

Victor Kaonga asks, “Is Malawi really poor?”: Isn't Malawi rich in human resources-some of which are helping keep the Westerners in good health? Aren't Malawians rich in cultural diversity and depth? The natural vegetation and animal life is marvelous and some of it unique to Malawi. Isn't Malawi beautiful through...

Egypt: Blogging Alive in Egypt

NonArab-Arab, a blogger who has left Egypt, describes the current status of Egyptian blogs here. “I really love the fact that Egyptian blogging has really taken off as well the last few years, in Arabic and English. And especially now that there is good representation from the younger generation of...

Yemen: No Gangs in Mukalla

Yemeni blogger Omar Barsawad compares the seaside Yemeni town of Mukalla to Rio de Janeiro . “Mukalla is utterly free of gangs, criminals or thugs. Of a violent kind. As are all urban centers in Yemen. But there is a striking likeness between Mukalla and Rio De Janeiro, the Marvelous...

Palestine: A Unity Government

“Finally we have a unity government with very ambitious program. This unity government is the first in the Arab world. Something all Palestinians are proud of,” writes Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah following the announcement of a unity government in Palestine.