India: On Nandigram and Singur

An update on the Nandigram issue at Kafila. Where the state swoops down to grab land. “Singur, unlike the impressions outside, is still fighting with strength and spirit. Thousands of bargadars, labourers and also landholders are not for the forcible occupation of land although fencing of 997 acres of the land, protected by the sheer police force i.e., the State’s might stands.”


  • NANDIGRAM: Two women have filed a formal complaint with police alleging that some of its personnel raped them during the Nandigram violence last week, police said on Sunday.

    The two women, who are under treatment at the Tamluk hospital presently, have recorded their statement before a police officer, they said.

    The victims, both housewives aged 27 years and 25 years, alleged that some police personnel cornered them during the melee after the firing at Sonachura village on March 14 and raped them.

    The formal complaint was filed after they narrated their ordeal before a NDA delegation led by Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha L K Advani on Saturday.

    The women were earlier under treatment at Nandigram block hospital but later shifted to Tamluk Hospital.

    The doctors have already examined the two women and confirmed that they have some injury marks on their body.

    A large number of women and children were also injured in the March 14 violence as they were among the 5,000-strong crowd that resisted police while trying to enter Nandigram. A total of 14 persons, including two women, were killed in the police firing.

  • prasun

    the opposition parties are responsible for nandigram killings.
    they confused people regeding land aquisition, collected money for buing arms and amunitions and finaly attacked the police. but after all what finaly happened is unwnted and pathetic.the opposition patrties will have to take the responsibility of the incident.

  • sameer

    The state & cpi(m) party cadres joint brutality at Nandigram is worse than the worst brutality ever perpetuated by even the British. JulianwalaBagh has been shamed. The so called’marxist’ party cpi-m etched its name in blood in the hall of shame.Stalin has been shamed too as his brutal actions do not add upto the cpi-m brutality in bengal.Can you believe that unarmed children and women have been shot dead while fleeing, their bodies dumped and some even been buried in mass graves. Rapes, destruction, burning have been order of the day. It was worse than genocide yet no regrets from the ‘marxist’ party or punishment for the perpetuators of the crime. It is time to stand up and be counted in the interest of humanity. the only crime of these poor people was that they didnot want their agricultural land to be accquired by the government, for businessmen. Can’t they buy at market rates directly? why should poor illiterate people deprived of their only source of income, agriculure?

  • Bambi Bose

    Probably this govt and leftfront teamleaders have realize that they are not going to get portfolio neither in next left-front ministry nor in LeftFront and so trying to grab money as much as possible in this period. There are lots of land available in West Bengal, but Buddha-Biman-Nirupom sold themselves to few businessman and we wil have to depend on Tata-Agro or Halim food Products in future. Today they have 230 seats in assembly due to the hard work done by former communist party members in rural bengal. Can they go for an election immediately within one month for now and let’s see what they get. Their act is allowing Islamic fundamentalists, Hindu fundamentalists, Mao-Badis a strong foot-hold on the soil of bengal along with bunch of jokers TMC. CPI(M) leadership under guidence of Jyoti Basu must find some replacement of Buddha immediately.

  • sailen

    Outside West Bengal people have wrong idea about CPM.If anyone thinks they are very much eager to demolish poverty and ignorance he is completly wrong.CPM cultivates poverty and ignorance.In the decade of 70’s they fought against automation,remind it the first computer in India was manufactured in I.S.I kolkata,In the first part of 90’s CPMwent on protesting against Narasima Rao’s liberal economy and lost the second chance to take the lead.Outsiders of West Bengal do not know how CPM run their rulling with the help of police and armed CADERS ,in each house ,in each family they keep their watch through party offices and police stations.Everywhere there is a local commitee secretary (they say LCS) and as the most powerfull man he rulls the locality.Without his kind permission no bussiness is possible,no bussiness, no industry,and nothing.When a political party as CPM speaks of developement as people of West Bengal we think it as joke.

  • Kallol

    Are CPM a real communist party?On the one hand it is opposing US,on other hand they are gleefully inviting American enterprenuers.Ironically they are opposing SEZ at Delhi but inviting unknown Saleem group to develop SEZ in Nandigram.

    Now what is SEZ?Full Direct Tax exemption u/s 80IAB from A/Y 2006-07 as well as Indirect Tax exemption by SEZ Act 2005,w.e.f.10/2/2006 for the developers like Saleem and manufacturing units inside the SEZ.Actually it is a foreign land inside India.Quite noticeable today ADB objects the monetary sops allowing towards SEZ.

    Double standard of CPM is exposing day by day.Budhhababu claimed to impose rule of law at Nandigram.He and his police men showed a blind eye to CPM goons at Khejuri,later on captured by CBI 10 such goons.
    Law should be equal for each and everyone.But only apology cannot wash the hand of blood.

    Please denounce the fascit regime of CPM everywhere.We cannot regain the lives of innocent people,cannot restore the dignity of ladies,cannot
    gather the brutally murdered and dumped children in playground!!!
    Shame,shame CPM!

  • With respect to the Singur, Nandigram etc. I had posted a post on my blog about land reforms and the learnings, activities of Hernado Soto on the topic.

    However today my comment is about a slightly different matter. How is it that the Singur issue has occupied so much mindspace while in Chennai a Dubai based company called ETA construction, has added hundreds of acres of land to their land banks. All land bank deals of construction companies also need to be looked into carefully. Not only new manufacturing project sites.

  • Trishito

    Hi freinds,
    got a lot of insight from ur comments.looking at the issue from a different angle now.We people outside of bengal had an idea that cpm wants to encourage industries but with ur comment an some more browsing on the topic a lot more is revealed.

    Can anybody tell me which are the parties there which are activly and sincerely fighting on behaf of the people of nandigram and singur.

    I expect such a party wud hv got less coverage on media as media is usually a tool in favour of the ruling party and CPM wud never allow to flash the actuall opponent on media.


  • Sumanta

    Its time for People of WB to trow CPIM in the bay of bengal to save the state.

  • Santanu

    The villagers are doll(as always in W.B.) in the hand of political parties, no exception is Nandigra. I remember few years back one evening, on my way from Chandipur to Nandigram, I came across a gang ( party caders) who stopped buses on the roads to protest against war in Iraq. The same villages are under darkness even now without electricty and they never even ask for it. Only reason I brought this comparison is to highlight the very fact of life of villagers in Nandigram. They are always manipulated in hand of political partis whose leadrs are our so called ministers or opponent leaders.

    Currently Seth’s (MP from Haldia) gundas along with the local CPM cadres and some people support CPM blindly are trying to attack villagers. TMC call them outseiders. On the other hand TMC supporters are also using arms to protest them. The other impotant player here are some of muslim fanatic who use this opportunity to show their mussle power and they as always are the main source of arms for TMC supporters. Media should ask this question to Govt, how these people able to acquire arms and getting constant supply of arms.

    Most of the media in india always lacks the basic understanding of the situation. They always highlighting the fact how trinamul and CPM wants to reolve the problem in Nandigram. The fact is both the parties are led by people who does not have sensitivity regarding life of villagers and are least interested to solve the real issue and bringing normalcy there. The media could have played a bigger role by pointing out the real issue which they failed as expected.

    The need of the moment at Nandigram is that the parties should stop encoraging their own agenda. Will they do it themselves? No, as i have explained earlier.

    The villagers wont be able to do that independently and so from Goverment need to take steps to force political parties to restrain from encouarging poor villagers to kill each other.

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