16 March 2007

Stories from 16 March 2007

Bahrain: A Kite in My Heart!

Bahrain-based blogger Bint Battuta attended a kite demonstration , at a time when she is actually feeling like there a kite in her heart. “I feel like I have a kite flying inside me right now! Yesterday was my last day at work – in full-time work, that is, as...

Egypt: Bloggers Arrested in Anti-Government Rally

Egypt is at it again and amid little or next to no coverage in the mainstream media, its dynamic bloggers are living up to their reputation of being true citizen journalists, giving us a minute by minute break down of developments on the ground. According to Egyptian blogger Alaa Abdulfattah,...

Questions about the Armenian economy

  16 March 2007

There is some impressive growth in the Armenian economy, The Armenian Economist (of course!) says: […]Armenia’s economy has grown at double digit rates over the past five years. Construction activity accounted for much of the recent growth in the economy (see recent post). Changes in the underlying trend in construction...

Electronic arts scene mingles with marginalized communities in Colombia

  16 March 2007

Take electronic media, a community with a violent history and music, and you have the necessary ingredients to make a Pixelazo. “Pixelazo is the new Colombian node in the Pixelache festival network. The first Pixelazo event will be organised by Intermundos.org in collaboration with Pixelache Helsinki and several Colombian collaborators.”...

Bahrain: A better literary life for civil servants?

We begin this week's review of Bahrain's blogs with Lulu's review of Bahrain's second annual Spring of Culture. Regarding the music/poetry/dance performance headlined by Marcel Khalife, and which caused controversy because of the dance element, she says: I'm all for the arts & freedom of expression, of course, but if...

Bahrain: Spring of Culture

Bahraini blogger Lulu reviews the Spring of Culture festival in Bahrain. “I'm loving the concept, but then I decided to be democratic in my show reviews at least. So the opinions below are based on (totally unscientific) polls I took of random fellow culture-mongers,” she admits.

Libya: The Adventures of Mr Behi

Iranian blogger Mr Behi has moved to Tripoli, Libya, and tells us about life without his life, a computer on life-support and the importance of credit and debit cards. “I received my first salary in Tripoli but the money is in the bank, my debit card is in my hand...

Taiwan: 200 bloggers joint action

  16 March 2007

The Save Lo Sheng Sanatorium campaign has developed into 200 bloggers joint action. In less than 18 hours, the bloggers got 150,000(TWD) for posting an ad in apple daily news to express their anger towards the state violence and the mainstream media's lack of coverage on the issue. The action...

Liberia: building a house out of sticks

  16 March 2007

“Obadiah Gondolo is building a house out of sticks. He will make the walls out of mud, and the roof out of palm thatch. The whole process will take three weeks, and will cost him nothing….,” via Liberia Stories.

Free Kareem Action

  16 March 2007

Watch the video – labeled “Free Kareem Action”- of the demonstration held yesterday by Reporters Without Borders in front of the Tunisia, Egypt and Cuba, stands at the tourism trade fair in Paris in protest against the dreadful record on freedom of speech in these countries.

Thai Water Festival Brought Forward to Reduce Smog

  16 March 2007

Malaysia and Singapore are usually the victims of the haze arising from the burning of vegetation in the neighboring island of Sumatra. During the worst hazy days some people who used to fly out to Thailand for brighter skies. Now it seems some areas of Thailand are also suffering from...