15 March 2007

Stories from 15 March 2007

South Korea: China town

  15 March 2007

Asiapages explained why South Korea’s attempt to create a Chinatown near Incheon is seriously missing the point.

Nigeria, Cameroon: Purple Hibiscus

  15 March 2007

Cameroonian Sanaga Peregrinations writes [Fr] of Nigerian Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's novel Purple Hibiscus: “Important questions are raised in this book, between respect of tradition and conformity to christian teachings, does the fight against sin justify damnation on earth through corporal punishment?”

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Coffee Grinders

  15 March 2007

London Sevdah writes about a very special coffee grinder: “My mum brought this one over from Bosnia when we were excaping the country as refugees – it was one of the few items that made it into the few travel bags which we were carrying our belongings in.” In Sarajevo...

Serbia: Busy Week

  15 March 2007

“Between the Milosevic memorial service; and a rock-n-roll concert/b-day bash for Mladic; a few people in Belgrade are having quite a busy week!” writes Bosnia Vault. “Yes but sadly you forgot Djindjic's anniversary which is being spoken of much more than the Milosevic service,” responds Bg anon.

Eastern & Central Europe: Travel and Food

  15 March 2007

Wu Wei travels from Ljubljana to Croatia and, on a Slovenian train, to Venice; writes about her trip to Trakai, Lithuania, and shares her thoughts on Vilnius; posts photos from her three trips to Lake Bled outside Ljubljana; – and eats “dandelions for lunch” at “Klub Preserne Zdravlice” restaurant. (All...

Croatia: Defense Documents Stolen?

  15 March 2007

Neretva River reports on an alleged robbery: “the Croatian Generals Assembly, an association of HV generals, had their offices broken into. No money or valuables were taken during the robbery; however, documents related to Operation Storm and the defense of Ante Gotovina were found to be missing.” In an update,...

The Balkans: Adolf Hitler Controversy

  15 March 2007

Ed Alexander of Balkan Baby finds himself in the middle of a controversy over his recent entry about “a restaurant owner in Mitrovica who seemed to believe that he was the incarnation of Adolf Hitler”: “All of this, whilst perversely interesting, has led me to the conclusion that I am...

Iran:Freedom of speech in taxicabs and butcher shops

View from Iran says Iran is a society filled with thoughtful and outspoken individuals. Only the bravest or the most desperate have the nerve to organize. The rest exercise their freedom of speech in taxicabs and butcher shops; at parties and swimming pools; in poems and through blog posts. There...

Iran:Anti war rally in Toronto, Canada

Sibiltala[Fa] invites Iranian to take part in anti war demonstration in front of USA Consulate in Toronto, Canada. The blogger says usually there are a few Iranians who participate in this kind of demonstrations.It is organized by the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War.