13 March 2007

Stories from 13 March 2007

Bahrain: Child Abuse in Schools

Bahrain-based blogger Haitham Sabbah links to a shocking video showing a fight between two students in a classroom, apparently arranged by a teacher! “I have no clue where was this video clip taken. It is a classroom in one of our schools around the Arab world. The teacher’s accent sounds...

Qatar: Weblog Awards a Let Down

Qatar-based blogger Morad Rayyan isn't impressed with the results of the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards. “Though I refuse to acknowledge the list of winners since they have scratched my blog from the list of nominees due to discrimination towards Koreans and Jordanians and blah blah… but since I have a...

Belarus: Past or Present?

  13 March 2007

Having watched The Lives of Others – the winner of the 2007 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film, “a grim portrayal of life in East Germany before reunification and the twisted relationship between cultural elites and the Stasi secret police” – TOL's Belarus Blog observes: “But as I spoke...

Kazakhstan: Education Steppe

  13 March 2007

Ben Paarmann notes that Kazakhstan's president was very impressed with Qatar's Education City after his visit there yesterday, and reports on problems in Kazakhstan's education system and a bit on how the government might try to solve them.

Latvia: Imaginary Extremism

  13 March 2007

Marginalia writes about Latvian graffiti, the “annual scandal on March 16th” and the largely imaginary “extremism” in Daugavpils: “The idea that there could be a significant movement devoted to Russian-bashing in a rather harmoniously multicultural city where ethnic Latvians make up only about a fifth of the population and Russian...

Latvia: The Showdown

  13 March 2007

Marginalia and All About Latvia write about “the Showdown” between Latvia's outgoing president and the parliament “over the control of the national security services.” (In another post, All About Latvia reports: “The President announced Saturday the push for a national referendum regarding national security laws in the country. If the...

Armenia: Half Silly/Half Serious

  13 March 2007

Anoush Armenia reports on a recent half silly/half serious exhibition in Yerevan that was intended to provoke participants into thinking about whether or not they are satisfied with the reality around them.

Oman: Rent going up

Rent in Oman is going up, according to Omani blogger Muscati. “Rents in Oman have been going through the sky for the past six months and the situation is now heading out of control. In the past month people have been getting notices from landlords increasing rents by unheard of...

Ukraine: Retro Tickets

  13 March 2007

MoldovAnn discovers a rather amazing thing: theater tickets she has recently bought in Kyiv for the Russian production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” were printed way back in the Soviet times (photo is enclosed).

Algeria: Special Focus on Mauritania

Algerian blogger Lameen Souag has kind words for Mauritania. “On the rare occasions when it makes Western headlines, it's generally for slavery or famine, but this week it's distinguishing itself in a rather nobler fashion: holding its first free presidential elections,” he writes, while giving special attention to languages there.

Guinea-Conakry: standing up to a power-hungry President

  13 March 2007

The technological revolution that enables ordinary citizens to capture and upload video footage on the web has been slow to take root in West Africa. Up to now we haven’t featured any video content from this part of the world on the Human Rights Video Hub Pilot. So this week...