11 March 2007

Stories from 11 March 2007

Third World Women Have a Ways to Go

  11 March 2007

For Women's Day, India-based Haitian Blogger Pascale Doresca compares [Fr] the lot of women in the third world to that in the first world and concludes: “Developed countries are far in advance of developing ones if one takes into account that having a daughter in many parts of India is...

Brazil/US: Information about the New Ethanol Alliance

  11 March 2007

Raul Zibechi published an informative analysis about the US / Brazil New Ethanol Alliance, calling it ‘the most ambitious attempt to reposition the US in the region since the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas died in Mar del Plata in November of 2005′. Posted on the IRC website, translated...

Africa: Ya Ma'Afrika: African-themed TV series

  11 March 2007

Joshua Wanyama at African Path posts a press release about Ya Ma'Afrika, “Ya Ma'Afrika” is a fictional drama show that fuses the lives of 4 African women living in New York City and highlights the cultural experiences, contradictions and challenges of African women living in the West. In the show,...

Zimbabwe: International Women Courage Awards

  11 March 2007

Jenni Williams, the national coordinator of Women of Zimbabwe Arise! (WOZA) is one of the recipients of the International Women of Courage awards, “Ms. Williams is as deserving a recipient of the award as any other after what she continues to subject herself to in Zimbabwe for the sake democracy.”

Egypt: Kareem's Appeal Case Tomorrow

Egyptian blogger Kareem Nabeel Sulaiman‘s appeal is expected to be heard by an Alexandria court tomorrow. (March 12) The Egyptian blogger made history last month by being the first writer in his country to be sentenced to four years in prison for articles he wrote on his blog. The 22-year-old...

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

Today's post is on daily life in Iraq. Read moments in the life of an Iraqi blogger, find out the real difference between boys and girls, and learn of the importance of Mutanabbi street… but first my sincere condolences go out to Neurotic Wife whose aunt died recently. She mourned...

YouTube blocked and unblocked in Thailand

  11 March 2007

Visitors to popular video sharing site YouTube were re-directed to a government web site from Friday to Saturday noon. 2Bangkok has a post on the block When attempting to reach the YouTube site from within Thailand, the user is redirected to MICT. MICT is the government agency responsible for censoring...

Taiwan: bloggers act on saving Lo-Sheng Sanatorium

  11 March 2007

Losheng Sanatorium is a hospital for lepers which is located in the suburbs of Taipei. Since 1930s, this hospital is the only public sanatorium for Hansen's disease (leprosy) patients in Taiwan. In 2001, due to the construction of Taipei mass rapid transportation, the authorities planned to transform Losheng to a...