10 March 2007

Stories from 10 March 2007

Liberia: justice to all men?

  10 March 2007

Elma Shaw blogs about the International Women's Day in Liberia and the motto on the the wall of the Temple of Justice: Perhaps change should begin with modification of this discriminatory and exclusive motto written in large letters on the Temple of Justice. How long will we allow it to...

Liberia: free of political prisoners

  10 March 2007

News roundup from Liberia Ledger, “The local human rights NGO FOHRD gave an hysterical address the other day warning that the Ellen Govt is becoming a “dictatorship”. Meanwhile, the US State Department says that for the first time in decades, Liberia is free of political prisoners or polically motivated deaths...

Somaliland: we cannot be fooled

  10 March 2007

Ahmed Quick warns the President of Somaliland, “Mr. President, your clandestine activities and subversive strategy are out there in the open for all to see. And the citizenry of Somaliland are an intelligent; politically conscious, and visionary people that cannot be fooled by a despotic tin pot dictator in sheep’s...

Ghana: Ghana@50

  10 March 2007

An American in Africa on Ghana@50, “Everyone has flags on their cars and their house gates (we do!) and all the businesses are dressed up in bunting. The city has been working for MONTHS to get everything spiffy and nice for the celebration. Last Saturday an army of volunteers was...

Ethiopia: kidnapping in Ethiopia

  10 March 2007

Andrew Havens writes about the kidnapping of five Europeans and eight Ethiopians in Afar, Ethiopia, “At the moment, it seems that 13 people are missing – the five Europeans linked to the British diplomatic community here in Addis and eight Ethiopians – possibly from Afar – reportedly taken with them.”

Ethiopia: Blogger unblocked

  10 March 2007

Seminawork reports that Blogger has been unblocked in Ethiopia, “It has been five days since blogspot.com is unblocked in Ethiopia. Readers in Ethiopia can now access this blog directly.”

China: People's Conferences

  10 March 2007

If you've been following the glorious progress being made in this year's rounds of the parliamentary-ish National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, where members of China's government and military from across the country meet in the highest halls of power, make proposals and decide the future...

Israel: Bad Hummus?

Israeli blogger Yael has had bad hummus (crushed chick peas) and is wondering whether the traditional dish has an expiry date. “How long does hummus keep in the fridge once you’ve opened it? I’m wondering because I consumed only a small quantity of hummus earlier today from a carton that...

Israel: Bedouin Open Season?

Israeli blogger Desert Peace links to a story about the killing of a Bedouin shepherdess. “It's open season on the Bedouin these days…. either their homes are demolished by the IDF .. or their children are shot for ‘trespassing’,” he writes.

Palestine: A Blogger's Dream Hijacked

Palestinian blogger Duried says Izzis's blog has been hijacked by “Zionist Hackers who have obviously felt the righteousness of the cause that Izzi always fought for and the effects that her truthful and touching words have on many.”

Africa: help or leave my motherland

  10 March 2007

Adefunke is not impressed with pro-Africa charity initiatives, “Ryan announced on the show that he and Simon had already made a trip to ‘Africa’ to witness the poverty and sickness firsthand perhaps to authenticate its existence after all they are serious celebrities who can only lend the ‘weight’ of their...