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Bush Arrives to Protests in Sao Paulo; Uruguay Gets Ready

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protests in sao paulo [1]

Brazilian photoblogger [2] Tatiana Cardeal was more prepared with her lens than São Paulo's Military Police Force was for the protests against US President George Bush's visit. The photograph's [1] caption:

São Paulo's Military Police Force yesterday, who decide to explode gas bombs in a crowd of almost 10.000 people at the World March of Women and anti Bush protest, causing panic and hurting people, because a few “punks” and protesters, not more than 15 young, tryied to close the avenue lying down in front of some cars and provoking disturbs.

Lots and lots of blog posts on Bush's visit to Latin America. Colin Brayton provides some useful translations [3] from local bloggers and Indymedia. Erwin Cifuentes has compiled a list of various links in “Dubya south of the border – U.S. prez arrives in Brazil to start tour [4].” Journalism professor Marc Cooper puts down some of his typically polished commentary [5]. Leftside rattles off with some lightly less-polished analysis [6], including an incredible photograph of a slum in front of the Hilton hotel where U.S. President Bush is now staying. Made in Brazil takes a break from bikinis to mention the arrest of 25-year-old model Janaína Bueno who, according to Brazzil Mag [7], “ended up being charged with indecent exposure after a suspicious policeman ordered her to show what was under the big green-yellow flag and found very little.”

We can also be sure that Jose Murilo Junior's weekly batch of translations from Portuguese-speaking bloggers tomorrow will include first-hand accounts and analysis of the protests and the outcome of Bush's visit. We can also be sure that Uruguayan police are working overtime [8].