8 March 2007

Stories from 8 March 2007

Haiti: Make Women's Day Matter

  8 March 2007

After reminiscing disillusioned early engagements with Haitian feminist groups and an instance where she was not allowed to commission her son's birth certificate without her husband's authorization, Nancy Chapoteau of Notedor.com concludes (Fr): “When will there be concrete and just actions in our country in women's favor? … Haitian women,...

Africa: China vs US

  8 March 2007

The Varsjinskij Prophecies sees a possible collision between China and the United States in Africa, “The fact that Hu’s visit and the announcement of AFRICOM coincided was most likely a coincidence. The Pentagon has been planning AFRICOM for years, and China’s involvement in Africa is hardly new. That said, it’s...

Cuba, Cayman Islands: Civil disobedience

  8 March 2007

Ziva has high praise for the immigration officers in Grand Cayman who violated the Cayman Islands’ memorandum of understanding with Cuba and offered assistance to a group of refugees fleeing the latter by boat.

Jamaica: Debate on marital rape

  8 March 2007

A parliamentary committee debate on the Act that governs marital rape in Jamaica proves blogger Ria Bacon's point that “ratifying and adopting are easy; actually implementing change is more of a challenge.” Bacon recounts how a remark by a senior member of a leading women's NGO restores reason to the...

South Africa: will you come to lead the Boers?

  8 March 2007

A very controversial post about a controversial South African song, De la Rey: “Up goes the cheer, and then comes the song – an Afrikaans folk number about a Boer war general that has become a sensation in South Africa as an anthem for young whites who say they are...

Africa: women and smoking

  8 March 2007

Jackie Tumwine asks, “Does tobacco empower the African woman?”: “The low female smoking rates in Africa are due to the social and cultural taboo against women smoking and not due to health awareness. The tobacco industry, in order to maintain profits, is steadily breaking these cultural norms through its aggressive...

Nigeria: open for business

  8 March 2007

Blogging from TED conference, Ethan Zuckerman writes, “As a precursor to the sorts of African thinkers we’ll be seeing in Arusha at the TED Global conference, we’re honored to hear from former Nigerian finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. She developed a fantastic reputation for change in Nigeria, stepping down as a...

Lebanon: How Much Will a Porcelain Hand Cost?

“I have a friend who had a wonderful idea: he wanted to have his right hand amputated. Very seriously. Went to see a surgeon, said, ‘How much does it cost, I'm ready to pay.’ He wanted to have a porcelain hand made to replace it,” writes US-based Lebanese blogger JiJ...

Lebanon: Egypt's First Lady

Lebanese blogger Asad Abukhalil gives us his two cents on what he thinks of Egypt's First Lady Suzanne Mubarak here. ‘She has such a natural and unaffected personality. She answered all the questions directly, intelligently, and informatively. In fact, watching the interviews make you realize more how annoying and artificial...

The Balkans: Eurovision

“Get ready world the former Yugoslav republics are taking over Eurovision!” writes bganon in a comment to a comprehensive review of this year's entries from the region posted at Belgrade 2.0.