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Singaporeans Blog about Indonesian Earthquake Tremors

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Singaporeans has an extended lunch today as tremors from the earthquake in nearby Indonesian island of Sumatra resulted in precautionary evacuation of several buildings. There no news of casualty in Sumatra as of yet but some damage to buildings, power and telecom links were witnessed. Singaporean blogged about their experience

EU writes [1]

I was in the editiorial meeting when I felt that my chair shook when it was near noon. The shake was hard.


We brought our belongings along and left the building.

Mr. Brown writes [2]

Wife just called from Beach Road and said her colleagues and many from her building (Shaw Tower) have evacuated and are waiting on the first floor. She said the tremors lasted quite long and they felt it quite a bit. Made her giddy.

Discontent has more on the evacuation [3]

Received a few excited calls from friends and colleagues from various places over Singapore, including Ang Mo Kio and the Alexandra area. I’m located on the 2nd floor of our office here in the Northern part of the island, and felt only very minor tremors lasting only 1-2 seconds. Apparently, people are streaming out of the taller offices in the area. Sounds like pretty bad news if central areas like Ang Mo Kio can feel the tremors.

Starrysky85 [4]‘s was not so lucky

i was in office during e tremors, n my table was shaking very badly… at 1st, i tot it's e construction site or our neighbours trying to do something to their office tt caused the tremors…. so my colleagues n i ignore it… bt at abt 12.00pm, my boss's frenw (whose office was at suntec) smsed to sae there were earthquake in indonesia n they had evacuated fr their office… bt we still remain in e office (cos e tremors had stopped for quite sometime) n continued to do wat we r doing…

Beconfused writes [5]

I was sitting comfortably on my chair when it started to vibrate a little. It thought the Gundam robots are here. My elephant behaved differently too, it used to be balanced on my round CD compartment, it sort of fell onto the ground. I heard that there is an earthquake in Sumatra or something. The tremors stopped already of course.

Jenna writes [6]

It just happened like 10 mins ago.
I was doing my work, and was concentrating, when i suddenly felt dizzy and unsteady
I tried to shake away this dizziness. But the thing is: i don't feel sick, i don't see any stars…
Then Lakshika and Jo walked out of their rooms, and commented that the whole building is moving!!! And everyone left in the office seems to agree.
And it's been that for like 20 secs!!!
Everyone felt that, that means it's not just me. (-_-)”’

Deliriously happy prays for people in Sumatra [7]. Sumatra has suffered from multiple natural disasters in the last few years, the most destructive was the tsunami in 2004.

when i felt my table moving, i thot it was just a result of over-mugging.
there was another earthquake in indonesia..
must really suck living on Sumatra island.
Hope there weren't many casualties..

*silent prayer*