6 March 2007

Stories from 6 March 2007

Namibia: the color of farming

  6 March 2007

Namibia Notes writes about Namibia's government policy limiting the sale of live, on the hoof, animals to feed lots and abattoirs in South Africa, “The Namibian Government put the limits in place to promote local abattoirs and feed lots, and thus add value to a basic product. The curse of...

Eritrea: political persecution

  6 March 2007

Tear of Eritrea writes about political persecution in Eritrea, “Suppression of Political Dissent and Free Expression Governing party and government leaders and journalists arrested in 2001 as alleged traitors, spies, and foreign agents continue to be held incommunicado in undisclosed prisons. In 2006 a website issued a detailed but unconfirmed...

Cuba, Colombia: Meeting Gabo

  6 March 2007

On the occasion of the writer's 80th birthday, el Cubano de la isla meditates upon (es) a fleeting encounter between Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez and Ernest Hemingway in Paris: “The sad thing is that when wake up tomorrow, I'm not going to be in Paris, but in Havana, and...

UK, Trinidad & Tobago: Half-caste

  6 March 2007

London-based Trinidadian blogger Sinistra posts part three in her “Young and black in Babylondon” series. In this installment, she's asked whether she's “half-caste”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Shoot the moon

  6 March 2007

Nicholas Laughlin didn't manage to watch this weekend's eclipse from a mountaintop, but he invites anybody who watched it from “a strange or interesting location” to leave comments and share links to their photos at the Caribbean Beat blog.

Egypt: The Perils of Succession

Egyptian blogger Baheyya gives us an insight to the perils of succession in Egypt. “With Hosni Mubarak’s rapidly advancing senility and Gamal Mubarak’s incremental supremacy, the moment of power transfer is imminent and its direction appears clear. But there are so many wild cards and possible eleventh-hour developments at this...

Lebanon: Israeli Armored Vehicles to Iraq

An Israeli state-owned corporation has won a contract to supply the U.S. Marine Corps with state-of the-art armored vehicles for use in Iraq, the latest in a long line of Israeli defense sales for use in the war, writes US-based Lebanese blogger As'ad AbuKhalil.

Peru: Fresh and Clean Design

  6 March 2007

Carlos Chang congratulates [ES] fellow Peruvian blogger Luis Alarcón whose website was selected by Smashing magazine as one of “45 Fresh, Clean and Impressive Designs.”

Panama: Being Selective

  6 March 2007

Panamanian web designer Jorge Arango is a fan of This American Life. After watching an interview with the show's host, Ira Glass, on the art of storytelling, Arango applies some of those same lessons to the business of small scale web design.

Bolivia: Exporting Coca, Not Cocaine

  6 March 2007

Drug War Chronicles and Bloggings by Boz both look at efforts by President Evo Morales to export coca-derived products despite U.S. claims that coca cultivation will lead to an increase in drug trafficking.

Bolivia: How the Constituent Assembly Works

  6 March 2007

“Now that the Constituent Assembly is on track again, it becomes important to know who is working on what issues,” writes Miguel Buitrago who goes on to explain in detail how the assembly will go about crafting a new constitution.

Iran:8 women activists released,24 on hunger strike

Accordng to Khorshidkhanoum, Eight women’s rights activists who were arrested in the peaceful demonstrations in front of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court Sunday were released today.The 24 women who are still in section 209 of Evin Prison have started a hunger strike in protest to their illegal confinement.