Bahrain: Muslim Girl Thrown Out of Canada Football Game

Bahrain-based Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah is outraged that a Canadian Muslim girl was thrown out of a football (soccer) game because she was wearing the Islamic head cover – the Hijab. “I see this as another example of how some idiots are trying to get immigrants to toe a cultural line. Asking minority groups to integrate cannot be equated with forcing them to assimilate and stripping them of their identity and rights!” he writes.


  • Mohammed Rasul

    Well we have seen enough of Islamic issues with these scarfs, modesty, etc etc. IN a world where Islam and Muslim are synomymous for backward and violent, the least Muslims in Westerm countries can do is show moderation and respect for the majority opinion in these countries that welcome them in. Lets not have any more of this hijab nonsense or burqini ( as was reported widely in the Australian Press) and other such symbols of repression that have made Islam the laughing stock of the world. Surely our great religion has more to offer the present world than beheadings, suicide bombings, covering up women and honour killings. Lets progress as Muslims and embrace the future rather than cling on to a past that has no bearing on life as it is in these westerm countries today.

  • zainab

    let us be please ! ! why would they do such …….. shame on them…..

  • please please dont interfere in our religious matter let us were our HIJAB OR BURKHA its our protection from strangers and we are enjoying it .its having advantages such as its protects us from bad n stranger eyes, dust ,diseases,bright sun light etc . You know now a days rap cases are very common in every country and this HIJAB is a nice barrier between men and women . Women who are exposed to the society generally catches the eyes specially when they wear shorts , skirts, tops,jeans,t-shirts and these are the main cause of crimes which leads to the death of women who have raped. so its my request to all of you allow us to wear it pleassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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