2 March 2007

Stories from 2 March 2007

Guinea: Another Lansana Enters the Scene

  2 March 2007

Says Senegalese blogger Alex Seck, (Fr): “The situation in [Guinea] has started normalizing since the nomination of Lansana Kouyaté as Prime Minister on Feb. 26. Kouyaté who was one of five people proposed by unionists and civil society arrived in Conakry [on the 27th] from Abidjan where he was [an...

Senegal: Some Wade Pluses

  2 March 2007

Blog Politique du Sénégal has had (Fr) a hard time understanding Wade's victory in last week's presidential election but concedes: “Wade is not completely undeserving. The infrastucture he has built, the many secondary schools were necessary. His regime has built more infrastructure in 7 years than his predecessors in 20.”

Kazakhstan: Benefits of Being Illegal

Leila reports on the increasing number of Central Asian immigrants in the Czech Republic, focusing on the story of one family from Kazakhstan who have found it better to live outside of Kazakhstan illegally than to try to find work at home.

Peru: Journalist Doesn't Recognize Blog Source

  2 March 2007

Another case of a Latin American journalist getting a bit too much inspiration from the blogosphere without attribution. Unlike Global Voices contributing author Juan Arellano, the Peruvian daily La República published an article about the online discussions surrounding a hypothetical war between Peru and Chile. Desde el Tercer Piso writes...

Croatia: Threats Against “Istraga”

Neretva River reports: “Istraga, a program on Nova hosted by Robert Valdec that includes periodic re-enactments of war crimes has attracted some unwanted attention in the form of graphic death threats against the program's host.”

Bilingual Education in Guatemala

  2 March 2007

[Editor's note: The following post was originally written by blogger and journalist Juan Manuel Castillo and posted at La Nana. It was translated to English by Guatemalan contributor Renata Ávila.] Tz´ikin Jaay in Spanish means Santiaguito, or “Little Santiago.” It is the name of a school in Santiago Atitlán in...

Caribbean: Give the cricketing minnows a chance

  2 March 2007

Robert Frische of cricketwukup.com disagrees with statements made by two former West Indies cricket greats that the presence of “minnows” (weak teams) in the Cricket World Cup devalues the tournament.

Trinidad & Tobago: What's hot

  2 March 2007

The Manicou Report posts its latest “Trinidad at a glance” list: “Weather: Cool nights. Days are getting hotter. It is, after all, the dry season.”

Iraq: The New Oil Law

Iraqi blogger Raed Jarrar posts the “translation of the latest resolution of the Council of Ministers approving the oil law and submitting it to the Council of Representatives.” “You can notice that this creates an unconstitutional loophole in article 5, setting May 31st as a deadline for enacting the oil...

Iraq: Saddam Movie Plans

Saddam's fans will have no trouble keeping both these ideas in their heads at the same time: That Saddam is tragically dead, and that Saddam is triumphantly still alive, writes Iraq Pundit, following news of a new film celebrating the former Iraqi president's life and a book which claims that...

Iraq: Liquor Stores Opened

Award-winning Iraqi blogger Omar (Iraq The Model) writes about the reopening of stores in Iraq - including liquor stores – a sign which “means that those shopkeepers are leaving their fear behind, and openly ignoring the threats of militias and insurgents who once ruled the streets and intimidated the people...