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Zambia: adventures in Zambia

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Zambia, Development, Travel

Laura, a peace corps volunteer, blogs about her adventures in Zambia [1], “My women's group is finally back on track and things are going swimmingly. We are going to start to keep bees and I have a local expert coming to teach the women how to do it. He's very local- he's actually married to one of my women. Pretty cool. He's already working on his speech for monday. I'm going to have my own hive too. It'll be fun. I'll have gallons of honey and bees around at all times. This happens at my house anyway. A few days ago I left some fruit out and it attracted a cloud of African bees. Yea the ones that come over and terrorize you Americans. I got bit- they are pretty aggressive. I'm excited.”