Nepal: Blogs and MSM

Are blogs in Nepal not being given their due? Nepali Voices says “All Nepali bloggers will agree that blogs influence in the country is very little; but bloggers like me who blogged during the King’s direct rule will also agree that during the period blogs were something unavoidable – and all those with internet access will at least visit blogs – mostly United We Blog! and Mero Sansar, frequently.”


  • Well, I believe things are changing. I took up blogging recently as my main profession- i don’t know if i can sustain but I’ve experience of working with Ohmynews, NowPublic, Orato and Jyotinews- They lure me into this world of blogging. And these days bloggers have started to make a difference. We do visit at such times of Madhesi Uprising. They are making difference in the country- among a targeted group and that is always increasing. Now that access to internet is being affordable- I believe things will improve for bloggers like me.

  • How many of you think, eradicating Monarchy is a solution for Nepal? If you think so, enlighten your wisdom, which I am sure cannot be achieved; it will come from your self-esteem.

    Check the data, who killed more?

    People are talking about JanandolanII: not more than 20 people died, what about Terai Andolan, more than 30 people died. Shouldn’t the govt of Nepal, including the spammers and the terrorists be blamed for this and a probe committee be formed? Think honestly

    What did king do? He just tried to save his country. What WRONG step did he take, that others did not and you are favoring Terrorists and Spammers? if all are killers, he is the least. If all are violators of human rights, king is the least. if all are undemocratic, king is the least. if all are chaotic, king is least.

    If all are loyal to Nepal, king is the MOST, it is his nation, and he is the head of the family. he loves and cares he family. Sometimes even a parent makes mistake, but we not change out parents. King stands in the same page.

    Secularism means no preference of religion. After declaring Secular, Nepal is divided in religion. What did you get?

    Even if you believe king has lot of money, all the king in this world has money. If you think he is corrupt, all the spammers and terrorists are corrupts. Do you think Prachu Bhaiya can afford by the watch he is wearing. Certainly, he cannot. He will rob from us. Atleast king will not, he owns businesses.

    If anyone can convince me that king is wrong in any aspects, I am ready to give up my thoughts.

    Internatioal media played an important role to defame the king, and I am sure it is degrading journalism.

    Show me guys!!!

  • “it is his nation, and he is the head of the family. he loves and cares he family.”

    You’re wrong here. Ask the whole nation who was the man behind the GRAND DESIGN- Narayanhiti Massacre? The man who can wipe off the entire generation of his own brother can never be loyal to his so-cvalled people. I wonder in which world you’re living? Do you think- Gyanendra will think a bit about us. When we were striving and dying out of starvation, his son bought a multi-million Royce-roller(?) car.

    “it is his nation”- this is not his father’s property. It is our nation, not alone his. We, common Nepalis, who toil hard all day and find difficulty to have a square meal. He, along with our Maoists comrades, democratic leaders, resides in a palace-party office and are dying with over-nutrition.

    “Secularism means no preference of religion. After declaring Secular, Nepal is divided in religion. What did you get?”
    We got more and more radical Hindus dramas, I agree. Few excerpts from ‘Reforming Religion’:
    “the concept of a secular state has opened a large vista of reviewing the religious doctrines and place all religions at par.” So, the need for the reformation of our religion and “making our faith more accommodative” is more urgent.- than declaring back Nepal a secular state today.

    “Even if you believe king has lot of money, all the king in this world has money. If you think he is corrupt, all the spammers and terrorists are corrupts. Do you think Prachu Bhaiya can afford by the watch he is wearing. Certainly, he cannot. He will rob from us. At least king will not, he owns businesses.”

    You don’t know how he runs his businesses. He manipulates the state mechanism to avoid taxes among other things. Stories of vehicles lost in the country of manufacture- to being sold to our government- they have yet to be confirmed. What’s the use of his money? We’re paying to develop the country- he is only making money for his seven-generations.

    “If anyone can convince me that king is wrong in any aspects, I am ready to give up my thoughts.”

    You must. Yes, he is better than those Maoists leaders and politicians of this country- both in terms of mind, intelligence and stategies. Our country needs a leader with good qualities like him. But would you prefer a Hitler to rule this country? You’re asking questions like who is better Saddam or Bush? I’ll say Saddam is- like you say Gyanendra is. It’s just matter of who’s lesser devil. But they are both devils after all.

    “How many of you think, eradicating Monarchy is a solution for Nepal? If you think so, enlighten your wisdom, which I am sure cannot be achieved; it will come from your self-esteem.”

    I think eradicating monarchy is not the exact solution. Monarchy is a pretext of politics for Maoists today. And stop using defamatory terms for Nepalis. You’re talking like a drunk politician. (Read Animal Farm: New Nepal)

    “People are talking about JanandolanII: not more than 20 people died, what about Terai Andolan, more than 30 people died. Shouldn’t the govt of Nepal, including the spammers and the terrorists be blamed for this and a probe committee be formed? Think honestly.”

    Yes- I agree. But please go and tell our leaders who don’t know the ‘h’ of honesty. Wait- the Maoists are going to join the governent soon- (don’t know when as yet.) after a decade long fighting and over 13,000 deaths. Madhesi leaders will also have their days perhaps after more killings. Our leaders will never learn. (Read Animal Farm: New Nepal among others.)

    Dear Ashutosh, you’ve asked very sincere questions. I hope my answers will help you get some insights into what some of us think about these important things. Given your interest in Nepal and its affairs, I’d like to request you to view more and more Nepali blogs.

    ::Kathmandu Speaks:: Are you listening?

  • noname

    The entire problem in Nepal was due to this blogging thing. Nepal is not a hi-tech country that it can regularise Bloggers and internet…in other countries they can block rebel websites and things…in India they do this…Why don’t you complaint about India?

    In Nepal, due to propaganda & all our King has been defamed. HRH Sonia Gandhi (who is detested by Indians themselves) and the commies of India and Nepal have got what they wanted!

    They created massive propaganda against the King who wanted to wipe off terrorism. But the terrorists and criminal politicians were getting funded by foreigners who have their own vested interests in Nepal!And so the corrupt politicians & terrorists managed to get power.

    Will any sane mind go against the Monarchy who we have revered for 238 years and start loving criminal politicians and Maoists who have killed 30,000 (killing continues today) ? Are you insane? Our Kings brought our country together. They united us! They gave us the sense of unity and purpose.

    All propaganda created by criminal politicians through this blogging. We educated people who know what is right don’t have the means and the power and time to speak against the big Powers. Now I have started blogging too to show the real face of what wrong happened in Nepal!

    I am sure if BJP was in power in India…HM King Gyanendra would have thrown away all the terrorists out of Nepal. BJP is a party of hardcore politicians not criminals like Indian National Congress.

    Do you know who supports and funds these criminal terrorists who have hijacked power in Nepal?
    1) The foreign Aid Money. The foreigners give money to this illegal government so that they (foreigners) can reap benefits (voting in international matters, etc.). This aid money goes straight into the pockets of criminal politicians and Nepal remains poor. And more aid money comes and it goes to politicians. And Nepal remains poor. Vicious circle.

    2) There are more than 400 top level corrupt politicians and terrorists (many with InterPol notices against them). So think of the number of people they can lure and pay to do all the propaganda (it’s like a big corrupt family tree with thousands of branches). They will go down to any levels.
    Of course our King will not go down to their dirty level so he doesn’t speak anything and the corrupt politicians continue the propaganda and dirt against the King…The King knows that these (corrupt) politicians have lost their way…we are all his children after all…a father won’t kill his children…so he doesn’t say anything…if he was that bad wouldn’t he have thrown these rascals in eternal hell fire? No, he didn’t! He gave up powers so that the thirst of these power hungry criminal politicians can be satisfied.

    So the corrupt politicians get funding and open hundreds of websites defaming the King. They know that a powerless King means there will be no one to check their heinous activities in Nepal.

    3) Of course the funds come from Indian government and the commies of India…after all they want a puppet government in Nepal

    4) And more importantly… You know there is problem in Nepal…so these dirty corrupt terrorist politicians lure poor people and send them abroad by hook or crook. And then when these poor people reach abroad they ask for asylum saying that there is problem in Nepal and they work for 2 dollars an hour and send 1 dollar back to Nepal to the corrupt politicians to create more trouble in Nepal…this way their Asylum is granted abroad!
    Same way as it is happening in Sri Lanka!

    5) Our King wanted a peaceful, independent Nepal without the hegemonies of India…and so India tried to throw him out.
    Same situation like Sikkim!

    If Nepal does anything than India will stop even Salt to enter in Nepal…India did it in 1989-1990 when the Then Nepalese King said to Rajiv Gandhi that he will not accept, ‘India taking over the defence of Nepal’. India just wanted a Bhutan like Nepal!

    Doesn’t Nepal have the right to self independence?

    6) The corrupt politicians and terrorists have no religion. They have Blasted and Killed their way to power. You know, if you pay them 2 billion rupees, they will sell off Nepal to you!

    7) There are many other reasons. I will not talk about them here and at least not now. I just want you all to know that Nepal has been ruined by foreign interference and propaganda. Nepal is a poor, landlocked country. Our Monarch wanted to get rid of terrorism and criminals. You were just misled by propaganda.
    Our situation was just like Thailand…Thailand has money and it is not landlocked so it can do anything it wants to protect it’s system…but we poor Nepalis can’t.

    I am a Nepali national but of Indian origin…I am well educated.
    I studied in India for many many years! I am young and I have brain…I can analyse the situation. I am not affiliated to any criminal parties. I work hard and feed myself and my family. I am just loyal to my country and religion and my King. I can give my life for them!

    Jai Desh! Jai Naresh! May Lord Pashupatinath bless us all. Victory be of truth!

    I just want to say that I am very disappointed with what has happened.

  • noname

    If you will allow me to add…

    The Media in Nepal is completely bought out by Indian money…completely! And you know why International media writes against the King and in support of criminal politicians?…I will tell you…The Indian government is on a massive propaganda war against the King in order to establish a puppet government in Nepal. And every reporter and media in Nepal is fed by Indian Government’s money…So, these media people sell their stories to foreign media and everyone by ‘fabricating’ the story just as India wants! Not only Indian money. The criminal politicians of Nepal have bought the entire media and blogging thing (you can read above) and so there is a massive propaganda war. And the bloggers of Nepal that are listed here are also completely bought for this propaganda war! Completely bought out. You will never read these bloggers speak against the Criminal Politicians (Never!). If it is democracy then every political party makes mistake in Democracy…why don’t they report? They won’t because they are on a propaganda war right now.

    And also the foreign media fabricates the story as India wants. They don’t want to antagonise the Indian government and market for poor, helpless people of Nepal or the Nepalese monarch who wanted to do something for their people. India happy means the big Indian Market is theirs. If you really want to read the real story of Nepal in Indian media than read the editorials at . They write ‘some’ real truths.

    I am not saying that Monarch is the BESTEST thing in the world…he may has his faults but I don’t even want to do the unholy thing of trying to compare even with criminal politicians.

    Thank you.

  • noname

    There will be many Nepali bloggers who may come here to attack what I said. After all they are on propaganda or they are brainwashed. I will not go down to argue with them. I will try and bring you more truths next time okay. I am not saying that I am the epitome of righteousness…all I am saying that I belong to right-side of Society, Law, Culture and my Country.

    If I made you think over what I said, I will be happy. But if I made you think correctly than I will be happier. But if you already knew the facts that I mentioned…I will be the happiest. :)

    Thank you and I am sorry to have taken your time. At the moment I am trying to do every bit I can to serve and save my country and my culture.

  • noname

    The illogical arguments mentioned by Mr Salik Shah are yet another example for propaganda. We have heard so many things from these criminal polticians:

    1) King Gyanendra killed his brother. Absured, weird and ridiculous.
    Okay. Well, as for the matter of fact…he didn’t. Period. Ask all of Nepal? Well, ask me. I am a Nepali and I say you are a propagandist trying to defame the Monarch.

    Yes, this story spread by our criminal politicians and terrorists absolutely fits the propaganda criteria. Blame the King for the murder of his own brother. The path will be clearer to get the ultimate Nepal price.

    People have brains!

    2) Nepal belongs to King Gyanendra. Yes, it does. It’s his nation. Take the literal meaning of it. It means that he is Head of State. It’s the forefathers of King Gyanendra that united us Nepalis and Nepal. My great grand parents came to Nepal and we got assimilated in Nepal. We regard King and Monarchy as the unifying factor. He is and will be. If he wasn’t there, Nepal would have been broken into 40 pieces by now. We are his family. Just like your family has a piece of home and land, same way we Nepalis have a common home with our Monarch…

    Monarchy is a form of political system. It’s a reality. Most countries around the world accept it. Even the French are trying to find out their lost Monarchical roots. It gives the people their sense of unity and pride.

    Or for that matter…just like there are Head of States in around 40 countries around the world enjoying Constitutional Monarchy.

    I think you haven’t learned politics to understand the system of Monarchy, Democracy and Communism…all are great political systems with various branches. They adapt themselves depending on the country and culture. Propagandas don’t make political systems. And brainwashed people don’t do either.

    Your response to this question in itself means that you have do not have analytical skills. And hence, no further argument from me.

    My dear Nepali brother (if you are a Nepali), try and decipher the right from the wrong. Not wrong from the right!

    I am so tired of propaganda.

  • Since you’ve written such an ‘analytical’ and lengthy piece- I need time to reply.

    Well, we are all tired of propaganda- I hope you provided some ‘truth’. Wait- I’ll surely provide you with concrete facts.

    I see a lack of reading in your post- read my blog- that will be worth your time.

  • noname

    You are contradicting yourself here.
    You say I have written an ‘analytical’ and lengthy article and you need time to reply. You also say that I need to do some reading…which means the FACTS I mentioned are incorrect (as per your view point).

    And then you go on to say ‘Wait – I’ll surely provide you with concrete facts’. Which means you are not sure what are the facts and the ones you wrote first were incorrect or untrue. If you are sure that my Facts are wrong, provide them.

    But you KNOW that my facts are correct! You will come up with even more biased and absurd propaganda…just to make yourself sound true.

    My friend, I have seen this all. Read again and again all my posts and the posts by Ashutosh Shrivastava (although I don’t agree with his Free Madhesh demand…Nepal is one). When you have done reading enough time that your mind gets brainwashed by real FACTS that I presented…please do come back and let me know…I will be ‘happier’.

    I may not be back to fathom back to your more unrealistic propaganda. And hence, whatever your reply back is, my answers are going to be the same above points…or diversions of it!

  • noname

    This is a comment by a person called ‘b’ made in some United We Blog…I hope people will realise the gravity of situation in Nepal as we are leaving in a constant state of fear by State sponsored terrorism!

    Businessmen are still getting thrashed by maoists today, abduction is still going on, and every time a royalist party leave alone individuals tries to make a stance they get thrashed and even get support from the government and get shoved in to house arrest and detention for “conspiracy againsts this that and the other” . Look at what has been happening to Rabindra Nath Sharma of RPP. And you say why don’t individuals make a stance for a ceremonial monarchy?????? I don’t think patriot that you are seeing these things – the silence of the the silent majority out of fear and intimidation sponsored by the state.

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