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Honduras, USA: Cultural Differences

Categories: Latin America, North America, Honduras, U.S.A.

La Gringa's Blogicito has three great posts on cultural differences between Honduras and the United States. On the pervasiveness of guns [1]: “Armed guards are outside banks, grocery stores, other stores, gas stations, restaurants, government offices, hospitals, inside malls, on delivery trucks, you name it. I doubt if you could walk one block anywhere in downtown La Ceiba without seeing a gun.” On how to point [2]: “Here in Honduras, many people point with their chin, as pointing with the finger, even at an inanimate object, seems to be considered rude. Accurate directions from points with a chin are just a little harder to decipher.” And on the cross-cultural interpretations of compromiso [3]: “Compromiso means commitment in English. It seems to have no meaning in Spanish.”