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Hindi Blogoshere: Going Places, Tag Epidemic & Indibloggies!

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Sorry for the late update, I've been busy off late & then went to a weekend holiday, so wasn't able to do my fortnightly roundup of the Hindi [1] Blogosphere. So without much ado, lets have a crack over the happenings of Hindi Blogosphere in the last fortnight!

Disturbed with the current social & political scene, Rachana gives a sarcastic look in her future news bulletin [2] while Jagdish is contemplating; is Yahoo is saving Hindi or is Hindi saving Yahoo [3]! Jitu is also not far behind in telling everyone about the Hindi Portal game [4] where he drops a hint towards a possible upcoming hindi portal from Google!! On the other hand, Neeraj wished Gazal King Jagjit Singh a very happy birthday [5] & long life. The hunt for truth about Netaji [6]‘s death [7] continues for Srijan Shilpi [8] as he posts his latest piece. Ravi Ratlami blogs about Blogging Ethics & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [9]. No, its not about the medical condition [10] but a funny look at the condition from blog addiction's perspective!! He then continues on writing some FAQs on commercial blogging [11] or blogging for profit. And Tarun was not far behind in expressing his own views [12] on the topic.

[13] Personally, I seldom talk about such heavy topics, so after being tagged [14] by Ben [15](not from Hindi Blogosphere), I decided to spread this disease in the Hindi Blogworld & so far I think I've been successful as this tagging epidemic has claimed more than 5 bloggers so far & more are expected to be affected soon. But it'll not end here as I've been tagged again by Alka [16] and as soon as I see the ripples of earlier tag fading out, I'll create some more ripples by throwing this other tagstone!! ;)

Ashish took us beyond Moon in Apollo 8 [17], or rather, he told us about the Apollo 8's mission to Moon, the fastest run of man(till that time) in Apollo 10 [18] & the big leap in Apollo 11 [19]. Talk about going places, why not experience the ancient city of Ajmer as I continue my travelogue of Ajmer & Pushkar [20]!! On the eve of Valentine's Day, Italy based R.C.Mishra told everyone about Valentine's Day & some interesting historical facts about it [21].

Hardly a day goes by without any discussion on politics, its become a part of daily diet like vitamin supplements, it nothing is discussed on politics then it feels as if no meal that day would digest in stomach! ;) So Jitu calls for suspension [22] of Uttar Pradesh [23] government headed by Mulayam Singh [24]!

After much delay, Indibloggies [25] finally started & while they were hot, everyone was talking about them including Fursatiya [26]!! Finally after the busy rounds of nominations & voting, the winners of Indibloggies 2006 [27] were announced with Canada based Sameer Lal [28] grabbing up the Best Indic Blog(Hindi) award while Italy based Sunil Deepak [29] & New Delhi based Priyaranjan Jha [30] came runners up!! Recently Sameer Lal also won the Best Hindi Blogger award in a public poll organised by the Tarakash [31] team. My heartiest congratulations to all winners! :) Looks like its a conspiracy to give away recognition to NRI(Non Resident Indian) bloggers to lure them to Hindi Blogosphere!! ;) :P

And GK Awadhiya's narration of Mahabharat [32] continues as the great war between Good & Evil reaches its second day [33].

Links courtsey: Narad [34]
Image courtsey: Dr. R.C.Mishra [35]