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Ukraine: Potebenko Gets Yaroslav the Wise Award

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Ukraine, History, Politics

Taras Kuzio gets sarcastic [1] following president Yushchenko's decision to present a former infamous prosecutor general with an important award – a piece of news Kuzio thought must've been a joke: “Yuriy Krawchenko should be awarded a posthumous medal for his dedicated contribution to transforming Ukraine’s police force into a professional force, to the Party of Regions for its incessant devotion to upholding the concept of free elections, to Viktor Medvedchuk for his single-handled contribution to expanding media freedom, to Volodymyr Lytvyn for his campaign to remove plagiarism, to Leonid Kuchma for his contribution to enriching Ukraine’s language and, we should not forget, to Viktor Yushchenko for his contribution to stressing the importance of punctuality and decisiveness in the lives of Ukrainian citizens.”