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The Iranian Nuclear Crisis

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The United Nations Security Council unanimously voted to impose sanctions against Iran [2] over its failure to halt its uranium enrichment programme on December 23, 2006.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad [3] described the UN’s decision as unimportant and vowed to continue uranium enrichment.

As a result, tension between the US and Iran is growing and many people are worried about another war in the Middle East. Iranian bloggers have discussed this issue and share their growing concern over the future of their country.
In Forever Under Construction,we learn aboout an anti-war campaign: Enough fear [1].This campaign begins with individuals willing to stand up and say no. This website will collect and display photos of people from the US, Iran and other countries holding up a hand in the universal symbol for “stop!”

In his blog, Robo wrote [4]:“I’m worried these days. You are too. These days we’re all too worried and distracted to focus on our daily affairs.
I’m only a simple florist without the means to weather the hardships of war. I haven’t forgotten my childhood spent in ‘potato years’ – my word for the 80’s. I can’t bear the loss of my friends and countrymen. I am against the war. I don’t want a heavy conscious when I die.”

Pouya [5] [Fa] says US Foreign Secretary Condoleeza Rice's [6] trip to Middle East was successful enough to unite small and large Arab countries against Iran. The blogger says when the US was in Middle East, Iranian President took a useless trip to Latin America. The blogger adds Iranian people are confused about the current situation.

According to Pouya

on one side their instinct tell them that all these warship and military prepration in the Persian Gulf cannot only be a game and other side the Iranian regime makes propaganda that it is all a game…Maybe the regime welcomes a limited war to fortify ther position inside and outside country….a few billions of damage due to bombings would be covered by selling oil.

Haji Washington [7] [Fa] says Iran should not be afraid of the US as Arab countries in the Persian Gulf are the bigger threat.The blogger adds there is an international coalition against Iran and western banks are pressing sanctions while Japan is reducing its economic activities.

Ali Mazroi [8] [Fa], a reformist politician, talks about Iran's miscalculation in handling its nuclear crisis. He says the US was not in a rush to send the Iranian nuclear case to the Security Council. According to the blogger, the US convinced all countries that the only solution for the Iranian nuclear crisis was the Security Council.

Ali Mazroi says,as a citizen:

I am worried to see that the governing institutions in Iran are pushing the country and Islamic Republic into an endless hole.

View from Iran [9] writes with sarcasm about a conversation between friends about the coming war: “I sure hope Iran doesn’t use any Shahab missiles. If they do, it will be the start of WW 3, a friend says. Why do you think that? They’ll hit everything but their intended target. A missile aimed at Israel will hit Saudi Arabia or Russia or some other country. Everyone laughs. Everyone goes about their daily business: hoarding saffron and tuna fish.”

Mohammad Ali Abtahi [10], a reformist politician and blogger, says former presidents Khatami [11]and Rafsanjani [12] as well as Karoubi [13], the former Iranian Parliament Speaker, have organised several meetings with former heads of states and foreign affairs officials to discuss these very dangerous circumstances.

Abthai [14] reports that according to Mr Sadr, a former vice foreign affairs minister, Iran cannot count on Syria because when they feel they are in danger they will make a deal with US. He adds that it is the first time there are international sanctions imposed against Iran.