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It started with a simple post titled “The Offices of in Mexico” on the weblog of Marco Islas Cruz from Veracruz, Mexico.

Bling bling blogger “P Cero” commented, “LOL, now I know why MySpace blogs are so sucky.”

The photo of the cybercafe-turned-MySpace-billboard in Huauchinango, Puebla was then picked up [ES] by Enchilame, a newish Digg-like aggregator by Spanish free software advocate and programmer Ricardo Galli [ES]. Enchilame user “Darkbop” added [ES], “haha, a friend of mine told me that the “in” is now for business names to end in “.com”.

Alejandro Ojeda of the popular tech blog Blogueando then jumped on the bandwagon [ES]:

Muchos conocemos MySpace y muchos tenemos una pagina por ahi. Muchos otros también visitamos algunas o varias páginas en MySpace. Casi a diario se habla de MySpace y muchas cosas son MySpace. Pues en México hay unas “oficinas” de MySpace. ¿Dónde? En el estado de Puebla, en un lugar llamado Huauchinango, y esta es una imagen de sus instalaciones. Espero algún día tomarme una fotografía ahí.

Many of us are familiar with MySpace and many have a page there. Others of us visit some MySpace pages. MySpace is talked about almost daily and many things are based there. Well, in Mexico there are some MySpace “offices”. Where? In the state of Publa, in a place called Huauchinango and this is a photo of their installations. I hope to one day take my photo there.


  • Ken

    I wonder if they have windows. I wonder if MySpace video will come down through their connection.

  • Sergio

    omg stop being so closed minded okay mexico is not poor just corrupted okay and yea we do have video. If you did not know mexico has 24 billioners out of latin america and also have the 3rd richest person in the world.
    We do have internet connections which are fast okay and we do have white skinned mexicans that why were latinos because were not a race were a ethnic group that can have any kind of color, mexico has asians mexicans and a lot of germans mexicans especilly in mexico city and afro-mexicans and so much more its just the immigrants that come here make it look like were missed up but were not open your eyes next time…I get annoyed people here need to understand that there not the only ones…hello the whole world are humans just like you and me.

  • janet

    i jus wanna add that i agree wit sergio…my parents are mexican but we live in United States and it does hurt me for others to say tht Mexico is poor. A lot of people in Mexico are rich as Sergio says. Mexico has technological advancements and that just goes to show that it is not an underdeveloped country rather its corruption makes it look that way. I think Ken was merely mocking the picture but I also think that we, latinos, can voice our opinions on our countries as well.

  • Actually, color TV was invented by a mexican, and the world greatest comedian, according to Charles Chaplin, is a mexican (Mario Moreno Cantinflas)

  • nic

    I lived in Oaxaca for two years. Mexico is poor. And corrupt.
    Ps. Sergio,
    En ingles se tienen que usar los pronombres. Siempre.

  • Hi,

    Mexico is a poor and corrupted country, for sure! I guess even in Mogadiscio they have fast internet conection, tech advancements are globally available.

  • monica flores

    okay just to let you know i agree with who is defending mexico but ammm sorry to say this but even though cantinflas lived in mexico and he resided there. he got famous thanks to us and he worked there until the end of his career he isn’t of mexican origin he wasnt born anywhere in the state of mexico he was born somewhere around nicaragua or honduras or one of those… i will leave you to your homework but sorry he wasnt mexican and trust me i am one that loves that man’s movies and he cracks me up but mexico was not his state of birth… although mexico did adopt him though

  • mangel4

    I just want to say to all those who talk about Mexico
    in that way.
    That they need to live there before write something stupit like that, and with all due the respect I think they should F#@# THEMSELVES.
    How about that.

  • There are poor people everywhere, ok? Deal with it! I’ve seen beggars in Mexico, the US, Europe, China, Thailand, Singapore… mmmmh, not Japan though.
    Ok, did anyone get that the whole thing with the MySpace headquarters was a joke or what??

    PS: Cantinflas was born in Santa María la Redonda, in Mexico City. He was the sixth son of Pedro Moreno Esquivel (a postman btw), and Soledad Guízar Reyes.

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