Ahmadinejad Goes to Latin America

Iranian bloggers discussed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's trip to Latin America and his growing problems at home.

Nikahang, a leading cartoonist and blogger, takes on Ahmadjnejad nuclear's policy

Rozmaregi [Fa] was surprised that the Iranian Islamist president went to Latin America meeting and becoming friendly with communist leaders. The bloggers says Khomeini and Che Guevara could not have even dreamed about this.

The blogger adds:

احمدی‌نژادورفقای چپش به‌شدت پوپولیست وعوام‌زده‌اندوبرای تحبیب قلوب عوام حاضرند دست به هرکاری بزنند.دیگر آن‌که هردو طرف آمریکا ونظام سرمایه‌داری رااصلی‌ترین دشمن خود می‌دانندوجنان‌که این دشمن مشترک سبب شده که آنان اختلافات تئولوژیک‌شان رابه دست فراموشی بسپارندوبرای صف‌ارایی درمقابل دشمن‌مشترک باهم متحد وهم‌پیمان شوند.
Ahmadinejad and his left wing friends are such populists and are ready to do anything to seduce masses. They also consider the USA and the capitalist system to be their common enemy. This makes them forget their ideological differences and unites them to face the common enemy.

Blue Future [Fa] says Ahmadnejad's ideology is not comparable to left wing leaders such as Ortega or Chávez in Latin America. The blogger believes Ahmadnejad's policies increase poverty rather than reduce it. The blogger adds

مگر همين احمدي‌نژاد نبود كه معتقد بود به جاي اشغال سفارت امريكا بايد سفارت شوروي اشغال شود. مشكل اساسي او و بسياري از كسان ديگر سوسياليسم است. آقايان و علماي ما راحت‌تر با سرمايه‌داري كنار مي‌آيند تا با سوسياليسم.
The same Ahmadinejad believed that instead of occupying the US embassy, the Soviet Union embassy should have been occupied. The problem faced by him and many others is Socialism. These religious people can make deal easier with Capitalism rather than Socialism.

Molla Hasani says with irony that Iran is going to make important business deals such as exporting candy to Cuba [Fa].

Jomhour writes about the end of Ahmadinejadism in Iran. The blogger says even religious leaders criticised the government for inflation and mismanagement. He adds that the conservative Islamic Republic journal called on Ahmadnejad to be quiet on nuclear issues [Fa].


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