Somalia: US absence was helpful

Gathara's World reacts to US airstrikes in Somalia, “If there was one place where America was helpful by its military absence, Somalia was it. For as long as no American forces were seen to take part in the fighting, the task force off the Somali coast notwithstanding, it would have been difficult for Al-Qaida to turn Somalia into a cause célèbre for jihadists around the world.”

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  • dan

    Nothing matters, truly, here. There is a wall that separates the reality on the ground from the policy makers creating US intervention. There is a wall that separates US policy makers from the inputs, such as media. There is a wall between the various nations in the area, the peoples in those nations and between all their pasts, presents and futures.
    There are many, many walls which divide the perceptions of everyone involved in this conflict. That is why nothing really matters. Reason, logic, reality, real politik, geo politics, resources, borders, culture and all their imperatives – are meaningless.

    All that matters is the who survives the chaotic spreading of violence. Those that survive write the history, repopulate the region and garner the benefits of its resources.

    No one player can manage this situation; it simply cannot be done as no group of players are willing to compromise, none see a need to.

    In sum, all that I can do, where I am, is wait out this minor disaster in a much, much larger and more dangerous catastrophe. I feel that this is the only sane means of viewing this situation. The US has pushed the world’s systems so disasterously that it is only a matter of time before some large scale “upset” occurs. When it does there will be a dominoe effect and it will be this which precipitates a cascade effect where in many situations and conditions will become increasingly dynamic and chaotic. Time, I feel is short and hope is in very short supply, or at least rationally based hopes are. In that sense I am irrational.

    I pray for you all, for everyone. None are excepted from my imprecations. I give them as the rain gives its drops.

    Blessings pour

    We will certainly need them, and soon.

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