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Libya blogs : First week of 2007

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Libya, Arts & Culture, Humor, Ideas, Migration & Immigration, Youth

While the blogosphere is still in grips over the execution of Saddam Hussein and whether the death penalty is OK, the Libyan bloggers have moved on to different subjects.

Khadijateri in facts writes about the new year resolutions [1] .”If I was going to make any resolutions it would have to be a list – one is certainly never enough. “

AngloLibyan is also still in New Year/Eid mood [2] , buying meat and talking about the London fireworks.
Lebeeya talks about the joys of baby sitting [3] and her new foun role.”Mohra is a VERY bright, intelligent child. She asks the weirdest questions lol she is so cute and innocent. It was actaully more fun than I thought it was going to be. 2 days pasted by very quickly. I miss her already”.
Piccolina is advocation the benifits of being oneself [4] “if u can't be your self and you'll live faking a personality then just KNOCK IT OFF and STAY AWAY FROM ME”.
And Besheshentra from Benghazi of Tears in Heaven is nicely surprised at her trip to Tripoli [5].

So you can see the conversation taking place between the Libyans was very different from anticipated, also hope you enjoy this different crop of bloggers.