Singapore: Strange Green Lights in the Sky

squareCircleZ and several other Singaporeans spot strange green lights over Singapore. squareCirclez writes “The light it was giving off was a neon-like light green, and the strangest thing was that no noise accompanied it.”


  • osix

    while doing a search this came up ..
    seem like some years ago in 2002 something similar had happen

    here what i quote

    ” An unusual green fireball appeared over the island nation of Singapore on the night of Friday, March 29, 2002.

    Muhammad Zailan Bin Mohd Zain, a self-described “aircraft spotter,” was driving west on the East Coast Parkway from Changi International Airport to downtown Singapore at 9 p.m. Then, as he looked to his left out the window, he saw an unusual green light approaching from the south.

    “I wish to share my experience,” Muhammad reported, “On March 29, 2002, I was travelling on the ECP to my home from Changi after my aircraft sighting activities. I saw something streak past in the night sky above my head.”

    “At first I thought the flying object was an RSAF (Royal Singapore Air Force–J.T.) aircraft undertaking night training. Upon closer look, it looked like a streaking meteorite, but it was green in colour. I was shocked when I spotted the flying object. The flying object eventually plummeted into the sea off the East Coast beach. I am still not sure what the flying object was. It was truly an unidentified flying object.” (Email Form Report) ”

    it had been quote from this site

    • Lawrence A. Warner

      9/21/2011 2:47 am. Sitting out on my porch me and friend spotted what seems to be very similar. I’ve seen something of the sort before in my back yard back in the summer of 2008. Throughout the whole summer of 2011 I’ve noticed bright orb like things among the stars moving in a zig-zag like way then go suddenly go into a straight line and vanish.

  • Lori

    I live in Bermuda. While my husband and I were driving home this evening, we spotted a bright green light crossing the sky in the East-it looked like a single firework and was extremely close-it didn’t look like a falling star far away in space which I’ve seen before. It started off green and changed to yellow and had a tail streak thing behind it. I was so startled I screamed ‘What’s that?’ The closeness of it scared me. We thought it could be a flare, but living on an island we’ve seen these before. Furthermore, I called our Marine Police and they were not aware of any incidents nor had they seen a flare or had any reported. When I told my children about it, my daughter told me there were other sightings in other countries, thus I did a search and here I am. I’m really shaken and trying to find a rational explanation for all this, but I can’t find one-especially as the military denies any involvement. What could this be?

    • Ann

      I saw this same thing in Florida, USA. It was the beginning of 2008, so around the time as these sightings. It looked just like a firework but it moved in the opposite direction. I was driving and saw it fall from the highest visible point through my windshield all the way down into the treeline. It moved quickly, but I saw it long enough to steadily watch it’s trail. It was at a distance but large enough to make me think it had to fall somewhere! What’s strange is my boyfriend wasn’t even with me, but he watched the same thing from our home. I checked the news the following days and saw nothing about it. If we both saw it surely others had to see it. It was almost two years ago but I still wonder about it. It seems that people are saying these are meteors, but other say meteors appear as white lights. Whatever it was, it still has me wondering.

  • Karen

    Dear Lori:

    My husband and I spotted something similar twice. Once was several years ago, maybe 2 or three years ago.
    This last time was on January 26th.

    We vacation in a fishermen town without electricity, so
    the sky we see is a “Disney sky”, where you feel how small we humans are. We normally spot satellites and shooting stars (watching the sky is amazing at nights).

    Both sights were different, though. The first one was fluorescent green and had clear red, yellow and orange colors on the “tail”, like a rainbow. It also had some blues. But it left a print on the sky for a while, that could be seen for several seconds after it vanished.

    This second one was also fluorescent green and had only some sparkles in orange, yellow, red colors. Besides, if it hadn’t been green, it could have been confused with a rocket or a firework thrown from an helicopter towards earth (this just as an example to give an idea of the speed and the direction). This one didn’t leave any print on the sky.

    This sights happened in Rocha, Uruguay, South America.

    We saw something else last year: a very bright white light of the size of a light bulb seen at distance, which turned suddenly very bright… and then it simply vanished leaving a print of “white dust”.
    Could it have been a very fast UFO ? Or a star exploding ?

    Guess we will never find out about all these three sightings.

    • CJLeiren

      This white “light-bulb” is very likely an Iridium Flare. Satelites orbitting earth come in line with the sun, and project the light back toward us.

      These flares happen nearly every night, but you can only see them if you are looking in the right direction and the right angle.

      They appear to be a far off star and then get brighter as they come in-line with the sun, much like how the moon reflects the suns light. Only this lasts for a few seconds, and then the satelite quickly leaves the range in which the sun can be reflected off its surface.

      There is nothing unusual about Iridium Flares.

  • Josh C.

    i have had 2 similar experiences. the first time was around march/april 2007 in oklahoma city, ok. my friend and i were driving home around 11 pm and to the east of us, what looked like less than a mile from us, was a bright green “explosion” in the sky. it was far too close to the ground to be a shooting star or anything else i could have imagined. it was incredibly bright almost neon green and vanished after just a few seconds.

    the second time was just tonight, on february 24th, 2008 at around midnight. it looked almost exactly the same as the first one i had seen and even to the east of me, not too far away, it seemed. now i live an hour and a half southeast of oklahoma city, though.

    i would very much like to get some feedback from other viewers of similar sightings. please feel free to contact me.

  • I seen the same thing tonight February 28th 2008 From my home in Holly Hill Florida, it happend around 10:25 PM and shot Directly Verticle and was bright green, I do not know what it was but i to would be interested in knowing what it was, The Location that it happend was West of my Area so it would have been heading towards Deland (If you look on a map you will see where i live Holly Hill Florida)


  • This morning March 27th 6:30am at dawn in Eastern USA, My mother and I saw something very strange in the sky that we cannot come up with any explanation what it would be. The object was rather high in the sky like an airplane would be, and it was a bright green light. It hoovered for a moment and had a zipping like motion, then it hoovered there for maybe two seconds then zipped up into the sky fast and dissapeared. I do not know of any flying object that would have that kind of movement plus no sound. My mother and I just kind of looked at each other a little startled and said, “You saw that too?”, and “Is it just me or does that seem a little bit Phoenominal.”

  • George

    I have seen something similar to what everyone else on here is describing.

    I saw what resembled a green firework streaking across the sky. But this was no firework, it seemed to be a green fireball with a long green tail following it, moving very very fast downward of in the distance. This light happened in West Point, Mississippi at around 1:00 in the morning on March 27. I really would like to know what this light really was, I have a firm belief in God and do not believe in any advanced lifeforms living elsewhere in the universe, but this was by far the strangest thing I have ever seen.

    I am afraid to say anything to my family, friends, councilors, or anyone I no. I believe they would think I am lying, or am on drugs or something like that. So if any of you have any information on what I saw please let me know.

  • Lori McNabb

    March 31,2008 Lori

    I live in West Virginia, in a small town subdivision. Last week I pulled into my driveway and saw to the left of me what I thought was a falling star. I was on the phone with my husband and said, ” I just saw a falling star..” i then said, ” oh no it was a bright neon green light that I would also describe to have a tail like appearance. I would also describe it to look like a fire work (but no noise) I told my family. I know it sounds crazy but I know what I saw. I am a mother of 3 (never been on drugs, do not drink). I would love to have an explanation of what I saw…

  • emt

    There is a green light today over Vancouver. My friend has taken a picture of it. It looks like a beam of light and it appears to be stationary for last 3-4 hrs. Some people saw it yesterday too.

  • Dave

    Well, since the report on of the 4/21/08 Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A. sightings I have really become interested in this. I am a skeptic, but I am also a realist. I have never seen any object in the sky in my life that I could not explain.

    I am 43 years old and live in Snow Hill, Md. on the East Coast of U.S. I am also a Christian and I do believe in the return of Jesus Christ. The Bible does say something about “there will be signs in the heavens” about the “last days” but it is not specific. I’ll keep looking as I am definitely intrigued.

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