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South Asia: 2006 in review

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Let us take a look at how the South Asian bloggers reflected on the year 2006:


Drishtipat reports [1] that a total of 3,239 people were killed in Bangladesh, with law enforcement authorities killing 300 of them, from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30, 2006, an average of 9.69 persons per day, according to the survey report of the Bangladesh Human Rights Commission. Bangladesh Talk reports [2] that 329 Muslim families from north Arakan state of Myanmar fled to neighboring Bangladesh in 2006, marking a greater exodus than 2005.

The 3rd world view writes [3] that the year 2006 was a successful year for Bangladesh Cricket. The other remarkable event for Bangladesh was Dr. Muhammad Yunus getting [4] the Nobel peace prize. Tanvir of Journal of a Disturbed Mind retrospect [5] on the various events in Bangladesh in 2006. Ershad Ahmed posts some pictures [6] of Bangladesh that represent the event and day-to-day life of Bangladeshis.


Offstumped looks back on [7] the fames and shames of Indian politics and Media in 2006. The bloggers had some role to play in it. The Middle Stage categorically short lists [8] from the Indian books published in 2006. Readers were also encouraged to mention their books of the year. A Point of View reviews [9] mostly Indian classical music that reigned in the year 2006.

Amodini's Movies lists [10] top 10 Indian movies of the year. Indicast picks the best and the worst stories of the year in their year end podcast episode [11].


United We Blog retrospect [12] on the politics of Nepal in 2006.


All Things Pakistan puts up a poll [13] to find which events and trends from 2006 are most likely to leave a lasting impact on Pakistan politics and society. See the results to find out the winners. Shirazi of The Light Within lists top ten posts [14] of the Pakistan blogosphere.

Sri Lanka:

London, Lanka and Drums hosts the Sri Lankan intensive 2006 blogging awards [15]. Many interesting voices from Sri Lanka can be found from here. TV and Radio Sri Lanka looks back [16] at an eventful 2006 in Sri Lanka on the television and radio media front. Sri Lanka Politics names [17] 2006 as a blood-spattered year for Sri Lanka because of the ongoing war between Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE rebels.