Freedom of speech and music celebrations in the Moroccan Blogosphere

Many different subjects were in the spotlight last week, in the Moroccan blogosphere.

I'll start with Farid and his interesting numbers (Fr) about blogging in Morocco. Then comes Reda who found out, thanks to Shimon Peres, that there is a connection between laziness and Islam(Fr).

The European Union is a great success and a great failure. Why? Because the Europeans have become lazy – they don’t have children […] There is more old age, less youngsters. In Europe there is work, but no workers. In Africa it's the opposite. That is why they brought the Muslims, and Islam made its way into Europe.

Amine, a big fan of Tom and Jerry, like most of us, posts about the legendary cartoon-maker(Fr) Joseph Barbera who died Monday at 95.

A sour laugh?

the cover story that divided the Moroccan opinionNichane is under attack. The reason? A cover story published by the satirical magazine about the most popular jokes in Morocco. Well, it turned out that Moroccans like to laugh about Power, Sex, and Religion. Nothing really specific to Morocco since that's mostly what jokes are about all over the world. Some jokes were about God and the prophets (Ar), and for Khorafa‘s(Ar) visitors, that was worse than the Danish cartoons(Ar).

The Moroccan journalist and blogger Mohamed lachyeb(Ar) is asking his visitors to condemn(Ar) Nichane.
Koweit is also mad at Nichane(Ar), and Driss Ksikes, Nichane's director of publication, may apologize to his readers next week.
A law suit is about to be filed against the magazine, and for M.S.Hjiouj all this is simply ridicilous!(Ar).

في هذه الحالة إذن على القائمين بهذه الحملة مقاضاة كل المغاربة الذين ساهموا في تأليف تلك النكت ونشرها والتعديل عليها
In this case, they have to file a lawsuit against all the Moroccans who participated in writing those jokes and publishing them

What about those who laughed at them?

Muslim Santa!

Laila Lalami posts about a Muslim Santa living in Casablanca! And that is not the only thing that is surprising her.

There is still, fifty years after independence, a persistent association of anything French with “better.” People are driving themselves into the poorhouse trying to send their kids to French lycées. A few department stores and private schools here in Casa also throw Christmas celebrations, complete with trees, trimmings, and multicolored lights. It's bizarre.

Morocco has proposed the construction of a mosque in the Chinese capital, writes Samir one of the authors of the View from Fez.

The mosque, according to the minister, is meant to help revive the symbolic dimension of the journey of famed Moroccan traveler, Ibn Battouta to China.

Do you feel like sharing your thoughts with a very “popular” president? Well, eatbees has exactly the right e-address for you. The blog of the Iranian president is ranked 204th in the world, and it seems that Ahmadinejad reads each message personally.

Is Ahmadinejad sincere in his desire to communicate with the West, or is he just a cunning propagandist searching for ever more innovative ways to pull the wool over our eyes?

Attareq blogs mostly about his daily life, and it's written in a simple yet eloquent style. The post about the death of his unborn baby(Ar) is sad and touching and the latest one about the accident Attareq witnessed in the morning(Ar) is surreal!

Adil R. who usually blogs from Washington D.C is in Morocco for a short visit. He is surprised to witness new “behaviors” taking place in his neighborhood's cozy cyber-cafe.

You can hear some speaking Moroccan while others speak other middle eastern ,Gulf to be more precise, accents.Talked to my friends about this little phenomenon and they even told me about the private cyber sex sessions that often take place.


Abdellatif Mossadeq is celebrating(Ar) his first year of blogging, congratulations.

Label ash is paying a tribute(Fr) to Ibrahim Ferrer and le mythe is celebrating Al Aloua(Fr), a Moroccan folk genre of music.

Anima is back and happy! She received an email promising her love and passion and…marriage!

Blafrancya is delighted to blog about Sherbel Rouhana(Ar), a singer who does not understand why some Lebanese insist on using French or English words instead of Arabic ones. Congratulations Lebanon, you have your own Blafrancya;)

That's it for today. See you next Wednesday, Inshallah;)


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    feel free to visit anytime :)

  • […] Many different subjects were in the spotlight last week, in the Moroccan blogosphere. I’ll start with Farid and his interesting numbers (Fr) about blogging in Morocco. Then comes Reda who found out, thanks to Shimon Peres, that there is a connection between laziness and Islam(Fr). The European Union is a great success and a great failure. Why? […]Read full entry […]

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  • شكرا فرح على التفاتاتك الرائعة إلى ما يتم تدوينه مغربيا .
    ما حصل لمجلة “نيشان” فعل غير موصوف ، وسابقة لم تتخيل .صحيح نحن في المغرب لم نصدق نسائم الحرية المتحدث عنها ، ولكن لم نعتقد يوما أن النكت يمكن أن تؤدي إلى المحكمة ، فالمنع والحرمان .حرية الصحافة مكفولة عالميا ، لكنها في المغرب حلم مؤجل.
    الأمر الذي لم أفهمه كيف كان لبعض الصحفيين دور في صناعة الإثارة وتوجيه أعين البصاصين إلى ملف النكت الذي أعدته الصحفية والمدوناتية سناء العاجي ، ؟وكيف تم المنع بعد مرمور 10أيام على خروج العدد، وظهور عدد جديد من مجلة نيشان.إن قرار الحكومة المغربية جائر ومطبوع بشطط واضح .
    نحن ندين كل ما تعرضت إليه المجلة ، ونعتبره مسا موصوفا بحرية التعبير وعودة إلى الخلف.

    Comment translated by Global Voices’ Arabic Language editor Amira Al Hussaini:

    Thank you Farah for highlighting Moroccan blogs. What has happened to Nayshan magazine is unfair and a precedence we could not imagine happening. It is true that we in Morocco did not believe the breeze of freedom they are talking about but we have also never imagined that jokes could lead you to court and being banned. Freedom of Press is guaranteed internationally but is a delayed dream in Morocco. What I cannot understand is the role played by a few journalists in sensationalising the news and focusing people’s eyes on the jokes dossier prepared by journalist and blogger Sana Al Aaji. I am also confused about how the magazine was banned 10 days after it was published and after a new issue was out in the market. The Moroccan government’s decision is unfair and we condemn what this magazine is facing. We also consider it against freedom of expression and see it as taking steps backwards.

  • […] The controversy over Nichane continues its escalation. Actually, and according to Farid it’s virtually escalating since only the Moroccan blogs are concerned whith no major Media support(Fr). […]

  • تعلمون و نعلم جميعا أن للحرية مهما اتسعت مساحتها و تعددت أبوابها و تنوعت اسليب ممارستها… حدود لا ينبغي تجاوزها و خطوط حمراء لا ينبغي تخطيها… و لهذا أعتقد أن التهكم على المقدسات و التهجم على المعتقدات من الأمور التي ينبغي التحفظ على ممارستها . و لا أظن أن هناك في العالم من يقبل جعل دين الأمة و معتقدها محط ازدراء .
    هذا رأيي الشخصي و اظن أنه راي شريحة واسعة من الناس ارجو أن تتقبلوه . و إليكم مني أجمل المنى

    Translation by Arabic Language Editor Amira Al Husseini:

    “You and I know that however wide the scope of freedom is and however varied the forms it comes in, there are still limits and red lines which we shouldn’t cross. This is why I believe that we should refrain from attacking sacred things and beliefs. I don’t think there is anyone who accepts insulting religion. This is my personal opinion and that of a large segment of society, which I hope you will accept.”

  • mariam

    hello everyone :
    yes ,it is quite controversial to think oh yes these kind of jokes must be really annoying :since l was a little far from you know ..beliefs and religion, and GOD and respecting GOD I’ve always felt unusually uncomfortable when it comes to hear a joke about things that happen in the afterlife or about ANGELS and other things related to this subject , I’ve always told to myself “watch out!!!” there is nothing funny about that , l think that these kind of jokes make people unaware of the things they might say and the curse of these jokes is the fact to be told to children , l mean little children !!! you must be getting it right , it transforms their ability to understand the world in the most magnificent innocent image that GOD has set to them , to make them see the world a dark corner , it confuses them , that’s the real tragedy , you see some kids going around the corner of the street and spelling things ” oh GOD is this a tiny man telling this , ….l can’t believe my eyes !!!! and my ears !!” , yes you’re looking at such cause of destroying little children which l presume the catastrophe that threatens pure society ,so I’m telling the parents please watch what your children are saying , what did they learn from school , try to be a friend rather then a parent .
    thanks for reading my view .
    sincerely yours ,

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