Philippines: A new Constitution next week?

Pro-administration Solons have been transparent in their intention to change the 1987 Constitution which they believe is already obsolete and hinders foreign investments. But few expected that they will attempt to accomplish their goal by changing the rules of Congress in order to pave the way for the swift approval of the Charter Change proposal in less than two weeks, even without the participation of the Philippine Senate.

The Lower House is determined to ignore the opposition of the Senate which may result into a constitutional crisis.

The proposed date for the drafting of amendments in the Constitution will be on December 11 or 12. The Speaker of the House was quoted by the media that the final draft will be ready on December 15.

The “bold political move” of Congress triggered protests from various sectors and individuals.

Ellen Tordesillas prays that this “unconciousnable rape of democracy will finally wake the Filipino nation up.”

The Church was quick in condemning the railroading of Charter Change. In and Out of Season, the blog of a Catholic Archbishop:

“We sense through the media that the highest leadership of the land and of Congress in particular seem to be so “desperate” that they would even change the Constitutional Rules of Congress in order to speedily pursue and accommodate the Constituent Assembly. If the term of our elected officials could be extended by six months to one year to institute the Charter Change by Constituent Assembly, such could further encourage a longer and longer term. The saying goes “when power corrupts, it corrupts absolutely.”

Philippine Commentary gives an analysis on the resolution approved by Congress endorsing Charter Change. A Nagueño in the blogosphere wished the super typhoon which recently hit his home province destroyed instead the House of Representatives.

The Philippine Experience explains why many Solons are in favor of Charter Change:

“Many in the majority bloc are in their last term in office and those who are running for reelection know that the electorate will run them down come election day. This is due to their immoral decision to kill the two previous impeachments. They have nowhere to run and Charter Change is the only way for them to keep their positions and powers intact.”

Susan Ople discusses why the 2007 elections should not be postponed:

“Elections is all about having a point of view and expressing it through the ballot. On that particular day, a household helper’s point of view is just as important as her employer’s. The ballot is the equalizer; what we write on it directly affects the balance of power in government.”

RG Cruz Says analyzes the gameplan of the Majority bloc in Congress:

“Do the math. This is the only way they can meet the December 20 deadline to approve this resolution, convoke the assembly, approve the draft revised charter hammered out by the technical working group, and toss it to the Commission on Elections in time for it to call a plebiscite so people can ratify…er gangbang it into reality or gangbang it out of our consciousness for good.”

The Congress held marathon sessions for two days which were shown live on television. What did I do? I don’t know don’t ask me blogs about his experience watching the proceedings on TV:

“I wasn’t thrilled at all, at times I would get angry at how they would do things and at times I would start laughing because of the farfetched reasons the administration has for many of the corrections given by Opposition. Now what our duly elected representatives did last night wasn’t a laughing matter to force a Charter Change wherein many people do not want dynasties of political parties to reign and rule our country.”

My insanities advises Solons to use the native language in Congress. The tale of two atypical lovers hopes Congressmen/women would also devote more time in discussing the rebuilding of communities in the regions devastated by a super typhoon.


  • This may just be the tipping point that we need to oust Gloria Arroyo and her gang of thieves.

  • Elections are considered personal in the Philippines. It is considered as the equalizer, the only way for the people to let their sentiments be known. To cancel it is a personal transgression. Ellen is right, the mockery of the constitution might just be the tipping point.

  • Anna

    We are not against President Arroyo. Our economy is the at our best right now, so why would we want to change the administration? All this talk is only in Metro Manila but here in the provinces. we want the Senate abolished. They do nothing but make all noise. no one listens to the opposition. The silent majority is for Gloria/. The Noisy Minority live in Metro Manila. It was President Ramos who suggested to change the Constitution and he is our best president.
    And look at this noisy minority. During Marcos’ time, they complained about political dynasty. Guess who’s practicing political dynasty now? They are the ones with the political dynasty now. I don’t want them and their decendants to fool us!!!

  • Anna,

    Can you convince the millions of hungry Filipinos that the economy is at its best right now? Can you assure that all Filipinos are guaranteed health care? Can you assure the children of OFWs that their parents do not have to leave the Philippines and seek work abroad as work is plentiful? Can you assure every child that they will get the proper education, that they have enough teachers, classrooms and books? The Arroyos are guilty of political dynasty too. The mother is the sitting president, the son is a congressman, the brother-in-law is also a congressman, is this not considered a political dynasty? Ramos is the best president yet, because he knew how to conceal the millions he earned with the IPPs, the PEA-AMARI and the Expo Pilipino. He was never caught as he covered his tracks well and allowed others to take the fall for him. Data can easily be manipulated, all the administration has to do is redefine what poverty, unemployment, health care and education mean.

  • matt

    changing the constitution is as good as dead…

    i agree with what senator joker arroyo once said that chacha is the wrong idea espoused by the wrong people, for the wrong reason, at the wrong time.

    well, schumey is right in saying the contry isn’t at its best right now. i have proven that and can prove that again and again….

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