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Lebanon: Open-ended sit-in by Opposition

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Lebanon, Politics

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, terming Premier Fouad Saniora's government “failure,” called for an open-ended sit-in Friday in downtown Beirut to achieve what he described as “political partnership” in running Lebanon. Abu Kais describe this by saying [1]: “On Friday, Syria and Iran will launch an attack on Lebanon. They have recruited an Islamist militia armed and funded by an anti-democracy clerical regime. They have also recruited a mentally disturbed former army general with Napoleonic tendencies. They have recruited Palestinian refugees and Syrians languishing under a despotic regime. They have recruited a “president” who thinks his duty is to call for civil disobedience against the very government he heads. They have recruited Lebanese “citizens” brainwashed by theology and false messiahs.”