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Kurdistance: It's Quiet Out Here

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Ethnicity & Race, Politics, Women & Gender

One of the hardest things about reporting on various blogospheres is the natural ebb and flow of people's writings. The past two weeks in the Kurdish blogosphere have been strangely quiet, the kind of quiet that is found before a great storm.

Hiwa from Hiwa Hopes [1] writes about the rampant corruption found in Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan. [2] Vladimir on From Holland to Kurdistan [3] talks about the rise of popularity in French politics of a pro-Kurdish politician [4]. Rasti [5] exposes the roles of women in the PKK [6]. And Save RojTV [7] celebrates its one year anniversary [8].

Sorry for the slow week, however if you want to read an interesting dialouge on the nature of Kurdistan in the geographic sense, check out the comments on the last installment of Kurdistance [9].