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The Blogoma retaliates while Blaise LLorca calms the angry e-crowd

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Moroccan bloggers under fire!

The Moroccan blogosphere [1] (Blogoma) is very angry. Why? Well a Moroccan blogger qualified the Moroccan blogging as being still in the “teen aging period” [2](Fr). Mohamed Lachyab, a Moroccan journalist who's decorating his blog with …his own pictures, gave an interview [3](Ar) to the Moroccan newspaper Almasae, and expressed his opinion about the Moroccan blogging.

The reactions were interesting and most of the time disapproving of whatever Lachyab had to say.

It turned out that the journalist meant “some” [3](Ar) Moroccan blogs. He also used “some” excerpts from Hjiouj‘s blog [4](Ar) without mentioning his source [5](Fr)!

“It’s an insult to the Moroccan bloggers” [6](Fr), writes Farid referring not only to Lachyab's interview but also to a column written by another journalist who stated in the Moroccan Arabophone newspaper Al Ittihad Alichtiraqui [7](Ar) that The Moroccan blogs are mostly futile [8](ar).

The interesting part in this entire “Imbroglio” is that it shows how fast the Moroccan bloggers react and how active is the Moroccan blogosphere.

So active that the journalist of Alittihad Alichtiraqui [7](Ar) had to retaliate today, and wrote another column expressing his joy over [9](Ar) the “healthy reaction of the blogoma” and explaining that he only meant “some” blogs!

“Moroccan bloggers, you have a spokesperson” says Manal sarcastically [10](Fr).

La question que je pose : de quel droit X ou Y se permet de juger une poignée de gens, sans même parcourir leurs blogs ! Après tout, ce blog c’est pas un espace libre, où chacun peut mettre ce qu’il veut ?

“My question is: how does anybody allow himself to judge a handful people without even going through their blogs? After all, isn’t it that the blog is a free space where everyone can write whatever he wants?”

Well, her post had many angry commentators who condemned Lachyeb, while some more balanced comments reminded Manal‘s visitors of the necessity to respect everyone's opinion.

And I can't help but write what Noam Chomsky [11] said one day, “If we do not believe in freedom of speech for those we despise, we do not believe in it at all”.

By the way, Marocblog [12](Fr) or the Magazine of blogs in Morocco is a premiere in the Blogoma and it's launched by Farid, a Moroccan journalist interested on “the revolution of the Moroccan blogs” [13](Fr).

They blog in English

As Monarchy Falters, Islamism Rises [14] writes Aboubakr Jamai, the publisher of Morocco's groundbreaking weekly newspaper Le Journal Hebdomadaire and its sister publication, Assahifa al-Ousbouiya.

In other words, the reasons the PJD [15] is commanding such lead in this poll are related to the failure so far of Moroccan political forces to meet Moroccans’ expectations of good governance.

Jamai publishes his posts in Postglobal [16], the blog about conversations on global issues moderated by David Ignatius [17] and Fareed Zakaria [18].

Morocco: How the heck did I get here, anyway? [19], asks Maryam whom blog has been chosen Bestest Blog of the Day [20].
Maryam and her family are staying in Morocco and seem to really enjoy their journey in tis North African country.

Morocco is a beautiful country with a fascinating history and hospitable people, not to mention the wonderful food, shopping and music. And did I tell you? The weather is INCREDIBLE — sunny and warm most of the year. Morocco is also a great place to raise children. We love the idea of raising our two children, Tristan and Skylar, in a multicultural environment and teaching them to be world citizens.

Liosliath’s [21] spouse has to provide a notarized letter stating that he gives his permission for her to participate in the Peace Corps program.
Morocco Time's author definitely does not like the idea!

Excuse me? I understand the sentiment behind it, but this is ridiculous.

25 officers from The Hague Police [22](D)are in Morocco to familiarize themselves with Moroccan culture.
Well, Myrtus thinks that the Dutch Police is going a bit extreme [23].

You can go to a Moroccan ghetto pretty much in any big city in Holland and get even faster results….


The talented Sanaa quits the world of blogging. “for some times” [24](Fr), she says.
I had an interview with her while in Morocco. You may read it next week.

Moonlight posts a review about Good Bye Lenin [25], the movie that makes you laugh, cry and think [26](Fr).

The one and only Tazart keeps the suspense on in her captivating posts about the nostalgic Almanouzi [27](Ar), and FatimZahra say yes to her cousin and accepts to marry him in some very strange circumstances [28](Fr)…
Adel is happy [29], and his “baby” Maroc Blogs [30] is doing just fine.

Strangely, I feel happy today, I have no idea why, just
happy, actually I was dancing at some moments… ah! that child in me..

Coup de coeur

After surfing through the Blogoma, I felt so good when I ended my journey in Blaise Llorca [31]‘s(Fr) blog [32](Fr).
Interesting for the advices Blaise offers, the blog is also Zen and its ambiance very welcoming.
I personally love the way he talks about food, life, hygiene…Actually, I love everything about this very serene blog. Enjoy!

That's it for today. See you next Wednesday, Inshallah;)