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China: Videos emerge of clashes between police and students in Jiangxi

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Hot on the heels of the Chinese government's claim of a 22.1% reduction in “mass incidents” [1] (read “protests”), here's some more video of “mass incidents” from China, in case you missed this portion of John Kennedy's latest Beijing bulletin [2]:

Backing up to China late last month, students at one technical college in East China's Jiangxi province [3] found out from a television show that they wouldn't be getting the four-year university diplomas they had been promised, and some started rioting. There was bloggage here [4], here [5] and camera footage posted here [6], but the story didn't hit YouTube until a few days later. Video clips of the two thousand-strong team of police and soldiers arriving at the school, moving in, inspecting dorms, chasing students and attacking them here: 1 [7] 2 [8] 3 [9] 4 [10] 5 [11] 6 [12] 7 [13].

To give you a taste, here's video number 7, showing the police dispersing protesters:

While we're on the subject of China and video, you might remember this video (shot by a Romanian TV cameraman) of a Tibetan pilgrim being shot dead by a Chinese police unit at Nangpa La Pass [14] on China's border with Nepal:


Human Rights Watch [15], which called for an independent investigation into the killing [16], has now released interviews with two survivors [17].

In the meantime, the Chinese government has got its own video plans – it's going to install video cameras in every Beijing internet cafe [18] in an effort to “stop spam”.