Arabisc: One Blogger Arrested..1000s More to Go!

There doesn't seem to be a week passing by without Egyptians and its bloggers rocking the boat and taking the virtual limelight in our part of the world.

This week the huge ripples in the Nile are being caused by no other than Egyptian Culture Minister Farooq Hosni, who has allegedly criticised the veil or Hijab (Muslim head scarf) in a newspaper interview.

Justice For All doesn't take the minister's comments lightly and accuses him of being a failure.

وزير الثقافة فاروق حسني ..الذي لا يوجد في سجله نجاح يذكروهو في منصبه منذ زمن طويل لا يغير ولا يتغير
يتم ضبطه متلبسا يقول كلام عن الحجاب لا يقدم ولايؤخر , وبينما فشل الجميع في محاسبته علي فشله العنيف في كل مجالات الثقافة في مصر وتحول وزارة الثقافة الي تكية او خرابة لا معني لها ولا هدف ولا غاية
يقوم الكل الان باطلاق رصاص العزة والكرامة الاسلامية الي صدر هذا البائس الذي لا قيمة له اصلا لا من قبل ولا من بعد
فاروق حسني الفاشل بكل المقاييس والذي لا قضية له لانه لا قيمة له ولانه لا هدف له ولا نفع منه يريد ان تكون له قضية
يختار ماذا ؟
“Culture Minister Farooq Hosni who doesn't have any successes in his record since taking over his position for many years was caught saying things about the Hijab which will not change its situation. While everyone has failed to hold him accountable for all his short comings in promoting culture in Egypt and transforming his ministry into a place which has no value, meaning or objective, everyone attacks this man under the cover of Islam. Farooq Hosni is a failure by all standards and what does he chose to make him stand out and have a cause? The Hijab,” he wrote.

In another development, a second Egyptian blogger has been arrested in Egypt.

“Police in Cairo have detained a blogger whose posts have been critical of the Egyptian government.

Rami Siyam, who blogs under the name of Ayyoub, was detained along with three friends after leaving the house of a fellow blogger late at night.

No reasons have been given for Mr Siyam's detention. The other friends were released after being questioned,” said the BBC.

Meanwhile, Kareem Sulaiman is still in detention
for articles he wrote in his blog.

Still in Egypt, Mostafa Hussein admits that he is blogging from his office to break important news.

دي أول مرة أدون من الشغل. النهارده شفت 65 حالة. 40 منهم في العيادة بتاعت المركز في 25 في الأستقبال. دي مش أول مرة أتفحت أو أدفن في الشغل. و لكن الغريب عدد الحالات.

وقع تحت يدي أحصاء بعدد الحالات المترددة على كل العيادات التابعة لمستشفى الباطنة و الجراحة التابعين لجامعة عين شمس. و المذهل أن عدد الحالات في شهر أكتوبر لمركز الطب النفسي 1445 حالة و أجمالي عدد الحالات لجميع تخصصات الباطنة و الجراحة 804 في شهر سبتمبر.

“This is the first time I blog from work. I saw 65 cases today – 40 in the clinic and 25 in the reception area. This isn't the first time I am buried in work. But I am surprised by the number of cases. I just found statistics for all the cases seen at all the medical clinics attached to Ain Shams University. It is shocking to note that in October alone there were 1,445 cases seen by the psychiatric department while there were only 804 cases seen by the surgical and internal medicine departments in September,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, London-based Somali blogger Mohammed Al Amin Al Hadi, who writes in Arabic, tells us how he has become addicted to the Internet, which takes up two-thirds of his day.

Al Hadi, who has stopped blogging for a while, thanks his readers from around the Arab world for inquiring about him during his absence.

بعد طول غياب ها أنذا عدت إليكم!! أشكر الذين بحثوا وتقصوا عن سبب غيابي وراسلوني وتركوا تعليقات وكتبوا في تدويناتهم عن غيابي.. لا سيما الأخ الكريم جحا كم وكذلك العزيز احجيوج. ولعل مما يجعل للتدوين طعما أن يكون الوفاء بين المدونين بهذا المقدار وأن يحس المرء أن هناك من يفتقده
إذا غاب
“I am back after a long leave! I would like to thank all those who looked for me and queried my absence as well as those who emailed me and left comments on my blog, especially bloggers Joha and Ahijouj. This gives blogging a totally different dimension where there is loyalty amongst bloggers, making one feel that there are a few out there who miss him,” he wrote.

Al Hadi says he tried to keep away from the www during the month of Ramadhan but had failed.

حاولت كثيرا أن أبتعد عنه فلم أستطع، فقد أدمنته بحيث كنت أحس أنني لا أستطيع العيش بدونه يوما واحدا، وقد تسبب مرات في سوء تفاهم بيني وبين أهلي. فهي تشكو دائما أني كنت قبل أن أتعلم الكمبيوتر كنت أغرق في الكتاب وبعد أن تعلمته صار هو ضرتها الأولى والأخيرة. وكنت أبذل كل ما أعطيت من حجة لإفهامها أن ما أفعله ليس تضييعا للوقت
“I tried a lot to stay away but I couldn't. I am addicted to it to the extent that I feel I cannot live away from it for a day. This has caused a lot of misunderstandings between me and my wife and my family. My wife complains that before learning how to use a computer, I was always busy with books but after becoming familiar with it, the computer has become my second wife. I tried as much as I could to convince her that I wasn't wasting time on the computer,” he admitted.

Sounds familiar?

This is not all. Our last stop today is at Bahraini Tawfeeq Al Rayyash's blog who wonders when men lie.

He said the question popped to his mind while visiting some campaigning centres for the Parliamentary and municipal council elections planned in Bahrain on November 25.

تذكرت مقولة احد الفلاسة حينما سأل متى يكذب الرجل فأجاب : “يكذب الرجل مرتين الاولى في فترة الخطوبة والثانية في فترة الانتخابات” فهل توافقونه الرأي
“I remembered the saying of a philosopher who was asked when men lie. He answered: During their engagement period and when during elections. Do you agree with him?” he wrote.

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