Croatia: Legalization of Prostitution

Lovorka Marinovic, coordinator of the trafficking prevention program of international organization IOM, says (HRV):

Research conducted by IOM shows an enormous lack of relevant data about trafficking despite the issue's relevance for the region. According to the collected info, about 1,300 of the total 6,000 women that were sold in Western Europe, came from Balkan countries. According to that study, Croatia is mostly a transit country, although some indicators point to it as also a final destination for some victims. Official data coming from the ministry of the interior say 24 women were smuggled to Croatia and forced into prostitution from 1997 to 1999. […] Croatia is also a starting point of trafficking, since few Croatian residents were registered as victims in [Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain]. We are not in possession of data from Italy, although very often young girls are victims.

At Istra section of the HNS‘s political organization, young members favor legalization (HRV):

[…] Croatian People's Party youth held a performance to present their attitude about legalization of prostitution. Young individuals at HNS argue in support of legalization. They think it would cut spreading of sexual diseases and help better control over that part of the market. As sex workers would have to report to the authorities to get employee status, social and health care. Workers would have to pay taxes and use protection when having sexual intercourse. Those persons would oblige to take all required venereal disease tests. […] The state would of course provide protection from any criminal influence. That's how legalized prostitution could become integral part of a strategy to counter crime. […]

Index forum dwellers discuss the issue of prostitution. Brian says (HRV):

As long as people are stupid, prostitution will exist. I head to coffee shop near the university, pick a girl, treat her to a dinner and boom. I am 250 kunas down. Fuck prostitutes!


In that case I respect prostitutes more. It's their job. They have got a price and consequences of their way of life. The girls you are talking about and “sponsor girls” are really disgusting. There are many sex workers, not necessarily hookers in their souls… But I think there are much more of those other not officially prostitutes. […] In the case of legalization, sex workers can take a leave if they are sick, pregnant or they may want to have a vacation. If they get fired, they could go to the bureau for unemployed. In Germany they used to call some ladies to those companies for job interviews although they didn't have any affinity towards the profession. Not to mention, the country would be macro which I don't think the prostitutes would like.


Yes, I know about those cases from Germany. I think it's easy to regulate the area by using proper law instruments. Some sex workers and their customers might not like the fact they got to pay all the taxes which would eventually make the services more expensive. That could impact decrease of prostitution much more than all the efforts invested in fighting the illegal profession.

Prolece 05:

Moral is the matter of laws as well. If not, we could walk naked on the street and have sex at every corner. That's why we need law to regulate that issue. […]


The truth is, the laws are written to meet moral expectations of the majority. But morality is a relative category, thus the laws change accordingly. For example, homosexuality was forbidden in the seventies only because that fit into the moral standards of the majority. So if most of the people decide that prostitution isn't bad, it will be legalized.

Prolece 05:

As it's the oldest and the most profitable work I wonder why so few countries have it legalized so it can fill the public budget. We have to get back to the moral issue which has to be kept on our minds at all times. I simply don't want to have my daughter suddenly realize studying economics sucks because she can earn great deal of money by being a well-paid prostitute. I don't agree it should be legalized.


Today in the west some ask for a company of female person for atmosphere, escort or maybe just a talk. Sex can be included if asked but doesn't have to happen. They are prostitutes but not the usual ones like we could imagine them. I would name them the modern geishas of the west. Most of them are well educated.


I personally think there is a huge difference between street and the so-called “high prostitution.” I agree those girls on the street are forced to be there as most of them are victims [of poverty, drug addiction or trafficking]. On the other hand, “high prostitution” is a different story. Enormous money is in question. I don't think they enjoy it but it’s their decision. That's the whole difference.


It’s not their will especially if they are addicted to some drug. […] but what's money when compared to dignity. [Who knows what kind of insane person could be a customer] more than ever if they are rich. In most cases they tried anything and many sick wishes could cross their minds.


This is a sociological question. In some countries of the West, [work in sex industry] is totally equal to mental health services […]. I think not so many women do prostitution because they must to. That is individual choice and benevolence mainly when we talk about elite prostitution. Thus why don't we get our revenue cut when it's pleasure.


Let's say a company I work for can rent me to another for a certain amount of money. We agree upon the price for the work of mental nature. How come I am different from man or woman who rent his or her body? If escort lady has the sense to talk and the listening ability [!], what I am trying to say is that today's companies look more like dealers leasing services of their employees. If the employee is getting bad at work, chances are he would get laid off. Of course, when doing any job people get tired so they have to get vacation.


As I see it, problem is present only when a lady is forced to prostitution, which is the same as when you force any person to work, so that's putting someone in slave position, which is prohibited.

Plinska Turbina:

State is not capable to obtain revenue from currently legal enterprises so it's unclear how they would deal with sex workers. I sincerely doubt the customers would take a [fiscal] bill. […] I also doubt the ladies would like to register and become labeled for the whole life.


Why don't you leave this issue at peace? Even when legalized, [the government] wouldn't achieve anything. Women and men would stay under the influence of destiny. There isn't a single law that would protect them. The oldest profession will exist despite all the laws.


Most of them get some sexual disease. Anybody who does that kind of work can't stay hundred percent sane.


That's why they would have beneficial pension plan… On the other hand, how cashiers at malls feel? They don't earn the tenth part of the amount of money one escort lady has. They got many professional diseases: venereal problems, frustration with low wage and tough bosses. It is the opposite of escort job: recreation, relaxing, nice tan, and less cellulite. […] Should we complain when a female second-year student earns 300 euro as a first-class escort lady. I would call it – socially-responsible work. Best way to fight stress is erotic socializing. We have got happy client, while [the girl] can pay for her education […].


  • I support the fact that prostitution should be legalized, as it does help in keeping check of illegal trade and also provide the people involved with basic rights. from where i come, rape cases of sex workers and entertainers are very high, this can be controlled through legalization. the process will also lead to contribution to economic sector through tourism and taxation.

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