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Mexico: First Hand Account of Oaxaca Violence

Categories: Latin America, Mexico, Protest, War & Conflict

Having met Bradley Will a week before his death in Oaxaca, British Journalist John Dickey asks [1], “does a gringo always have to die for the world to act?” Dickey also adds: “What you probably won’t hear either is that the APPO people do not carry any firearms. Their only weapons are rocks, clubs, molotov cocktails, and the occasional home-made fireworks mortar. To my knowledge, in 5 months of protests, they haven’t fired a single shot from a firearm. All the casualties have been on the side of the ‘protesters’, either APPO or teachers. Hooded delinquents have certainly inflitrated the protester’s ranks and fired shots, but the APPO has always insisted in unarmed resistance. (The fact is, the APPO probably does have an array of firearms, but have taken a brave political decision not to use them).”