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Mexico: Teachers Return to Classrooms, APPO Wants Proof

Categories: Latin America, Mexico, Education, Protest

Mark in Mexico says that all hell broke loose [1] once the striking Oaxacan teachers voted to return to their classrooms: : APPO has begun to lock down the city. There were the usual charges of vote manipulation to which a union spokesman replied, ‘If someone's going to level such charges, he'd better bring some proof.’ My wife and children left by highway for safe haven in Puebla at 5:30 and as of 8:10 they were still stuck in traffic on the far northwest side of the city, in front of the Tec University. That's still about 5 miles short of Etla and the toll road to Puebla, usually a 20 minute trip, at most. I don't know yet if they're going to get out of the city or not.” Ana Maria Salazar discusse the Oaxaca conflict from the perspective of the federal government [2].