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- What does Bangladesh need now for a better future? Angelmorn [1] has a ten point prescription.

- Rifat of Close your eyes and try to see is critic [2] about the noise pollution in Bangladesh, especially using the loudspeakers.

- Shafiur of imperfect world | 2006 informs that many of the prominent branded products (Textile, Camera Lens Parts, Golf Shafts, Mobile Parts and Automobile Parts) are currently being manufactured [3] in Bangladesh.

- For those who want to learn more about the 2006 Nobel peace price winner Grameen Bank and its founder Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Drishtipat has a photo essay ‘One day at Grameen Bank’ [4].


- Kuensel online reports [5] that Bhutan is going to hold its first ever general election in 2008. The Election Commission of Bhutan has proposed that the minimum qualification for Member of Parliament (MPs) as a Bachelors Degree.

- Norbu of Kuzu-Bhutan weblog shares [6] his apprehension about the upcoming democracy.


- Rimi shares her experience [7] with the Calcutta Public transport.

- Dilip D'Souza of Death Ends Fun slates [8] the politics about distributing IFA (iron and folic acid) tablets to anaemic women in India.


- Razib Ahmed of South Asia Biz reports [9] that the Maldives will soon have its own private TV and radio station.


- Blogger Nepal criticizes [10] municipality staffs in the mid-western Nepal who poisoned stray dogs to death.


- Onlooker of The Glasshouse describes [11] the latest situation of Balochistan, the troubled state in Pakistan.

- Adil Najam of All things Pakistan reports [12] how cricket and Islam are brewing a controversy in Pakistan

Sri Lanka:

- Dhammikad of Moju Blog informs [13] that one can hire a hit squad in Sri Lanka for less than Sri Lankan Rs. 100,000.

- Muffee of Voices in my head posts [14] pictures of Henna art in her hand applied traditionally during the Eid celebrations.