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China: Botched jobs

‘Yes, journalists in China do have it rough,’ Bullog blogger Siyi says back to a recent BBC article, ‘but we're not all the innocent victims that you seem to think’ in:


‘China is the largest prison for journalists?’
Prison? Or sauna center?

BBC 最近一篇文章中说:”The media rights group Reporters Without Borders describes the country as the world's ‘largest prison for journalists'”.(那个国家是世界上最大的记者的监狱。)

A recent BBC article said, “The media rights group Reporters Without Borders describes the country as the world's ‘largest prison for journalists’.”

the country ,在那篇文章里,就是中国。

‘The country’, in this article, is China.


This word, prison, is both relevant, and not. It's relevant in that it reflects how tough Big Brother is in controlling public opinion. It's irrelevant in that it glorifies China's media. The relevant part doesn't need any more praise, so let's just focus on the irrelevant part.
The context of prison is actually that Chinese media professionals have been rounded up, similar to revolutionaries like Fang Zhimin. I admit that there are still a few fine idealist media workers whose social consciences still haven't gone numb, who persist in being the Socratic gadflies of these preposterous times. As far as they're concerned, China definitely does seem like a prison.

但是更多的媒体人,已经顾不上照看什么社会良心,而是习惯把屈服权贵当成”讲政治”,把无中生有当成”创造性”, 把哗众取宠当成”新鲜感”, 把低级趣味当成”平民化”。对他们来说,媒体不再是天下公器,而是一种工具——为个人争取印着毛主席胖脸的纸张,为头头争取比牛博沙发更宽大的交椅,为集体争取跟十大魅力女性一样名满天下的荣誉。因此,他们被官府逼奸,与商业和奸,却又将民意诱奸。对这样的媒体人来说,中国肯定不是一所监狱,而是一所桑拿中心。

But most media types have already stopped caring about a social conscience, and have gotten used to seeing submitting to authorities as ‘talking politics’, fabrications as ‘creativity’, seeking acceptance as ‘a fresh feeling’, vulgarities as ‘popular culture’. As they see it, the media is no longer a weapon for the public, but a kind of tool—with which one struggles for pieces of paper printed with Chairman Mao's fat face or a chair for the bosses bigger than the sofa front row to my comments box, or for as much recognition as the ten most charming women in the world. Therefore, they've been forced by officials to deceive, to cooperate by big business, and even seduce the people. For media workers like these, China is definitely not a prison, but a sauna center.‘s Chinese name—xin新+lang浪—can be interpreted in either of two ways: New Wave, as most people see it, or friend-of-Bullog blogger Yang Meng's take—in which he uses, presumably as emphasis, the same sort of language for which he takes Sina to task—based on his recent scan of the news portal website's headline choices, New Dissolute:


A look at Sina's “Dissolute Headlines”


The e-mail I use most often is Sina's. You can log in on their main page, but you're forced to endure visual rape by their retarded news. The problem is, I check my e-mail every day, so I'm raped for free by Sina pretty much once every day.
For a fairly “long time”, my body and mind have been fairly unhappy.
Using Sina's front page on October 20 as an example, you can see from the headlines, ‘hearsay’ and ‘rape and plunder’ models occupy.


The Inside Story on Leslie Cheung‘s Suicide-Leap


The Truth About Lu You's Divorcing his Cousin


The Best of All The Women I've Ever Known (photo)

  自拍女王 帅哥半裸写真 红外透视照片

Self-shot Infrared X-Ray Portraits of Half-Naked Queen, Handsome Guy


Biggest-Busted Babes’ Sexy Photos


Having a Transsexual Wife is Not Bad


Living People Dressed as Corpses’ Street Party


A Hooker's Online Diary


Woman Stabbed to Death in Elevator (photo)


The Last Male Virgin


The Young Female Landlady and I


A Tsinghua Student's Private Maturing


Rich Wives Club's Hot Project


The Most Complete Group Photo of Raging Pregnant Women in History


From Empress-to-Hooker Story


Accompanying a Strange Woman through Labor


ZaiZai and Big S’ Brother-Sister Love


Marry a Witch as a Wife


Diary of a Lewd Thief


DV: Some Lesbian's Interior Monologue


A Schoolgirl's Scotch Tape on Her Shoulders


Stacked Little Sister Running on the Beach

  一个平凡女孩到”色”女郎蜕变全过程(图) 。。。

Complete Process of an Ordinary Girl's Metaphorsis in a “Pink” Salon…


What I hate the most are the headlines with a “(photo)” at the end. You'll often notice that the “photo” and the text are completely unrelated. Basically it's ‘click fraud.’ If you're going to click-cheat people, then so be it. Who says pornographic violence is counter-productive? What regulated news, what elegant writing, what beauty, what honesty, what standards, what subversion, all to be found at Sina. Here we have half-finished jobs, loose ends, all glaringly obvious in their collective ugliness. I refer to this as “Dissolute (lang浪) News”.
I've seen dissolute, but I've never seen anything this dissolute. These kinds of lousy headlines set a standard, and in a portal website at that. From the looks of it, there's no logic to speak of to many things in China. Sina, wouldn't ya know it, has made a name for itself from being so dissolute.

Before you say they doth blog too loudly, here's a recent post from Sina blogger and sexologist Li Yinhe, as renowned in China as she is outspoken and controversial, calling for reforms to laws aimed at tackling China's most ubiquitous vice in:


‘The Legal and Moral P