India: A ‘Hindu’ terrorist

Indian Muslims reflects on why terrorists from other religions don't have labels attached to them. “Two days back LTTE suicide bombers attacked a naval base in Sri Lanka killing at least 103 and injuring another 150, a news that did not find much prominence in our mainstream media.” While it might have something to do with the motives of those who engage in conflict, do they have a point?


  • Why do you generalize by saying ‘Indian muslims reflect’? Its an opinion of a single person who blogs at!

    You post gives a feeling that all Indian Muslims came up with that conclusion! Please avoid such generalizations.

  • Sharique: If you scroll through the website – it’s standard practice to put the name of the blog in italics. If someone has a blog called Hindus or Aliens, it’s pretty much the same with them as well.

    Besides if I was talking about Indian Muslims in general – I would use the verb in the form “reflect” as opposed to “reflects”. Thanks.

  • Karthik

    The “terrorism” of the LTTE is not solely Hindu… there are Christians in LTTE too. Historically, Tamil muslims have also been members of LTTE, not any more. However, some Sri Lankan muslims have formed jihadi groups and at this point in time, it suits them to be in cahoots of the Sinhalese militia.

  • kumar

    i know only one thing that v shud love and respect those religions who respects our religion.koi bhagvan nahi bolta ki unnecessarily kisiko maro …agar aisa hai to i think he is not god…..whether it is muslim or hindu or any religion he shold not kill any person until n unless vo gunhegar nahi hai…

    • masihi banda


      In defense of Christianity: we are commanded, thou shall not kill, that doesn’t mean you can not defend yourself against your enemies. If someone is trying to kill you are not suppose to lay down and let them kill you. The holy Bible teaches us to be humble and caring and respect all human as God’s creation. And honour and protect life of all God’s children. Jesus went as far as to say, Love your enemies as yourself.

      Some religions outrightly teach and preach to kill in the name of their gods. I don’t know much about Hinduism but I know in Islam it teaches you to kill kafirs in the name Allah and you will receive virgins in heaven. The evidence of which is everywhere in the world. I hope people despite their religious differences come to love and respect one another and live in peaceful harmony. The world will be a better place.

  • Varun

    In his article “The Satanic Verses of Bhagavad-gita”, Indian philosopher Kedar Joshi says that Bhagavad-gita, the famous Hindu scripture, is Hindu terrorism. ( The reference to Joshi’s article was found in an article on Islam, published in Washington Square News.

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