Pakistan: Blog-o-leader

With the advent of citizen journalism and the unrelenting popularity of blogs as the main source of honest opinion and news, it won't be long before the world leaders jump on the bandwagon, as President Ahmadinejad has already done, and launch their own blogs to further ensure their own popularity and provide us with an opportunity to laugh out loud uncontrollably as an alternative to the comedy of Fox News.

Let me now, return back to reality for a few moments, and present to you a small collection of very interesting links to some remarkable posts from the Pakistani blogosphere.Fountainhead posts an impeccable piece which also made it to the pages of Baltimore Chronicle. Suspect Paki writes an angered post on the recent report on the new estimate of the Iraqi death toll.

And people around the world, especially the western world, will happily eat their dinners tonight, oblivious, silent, compliant, not even fully aware that they’re alive, but satisfied that Muslims are dead. Yes. White people happy at the death of brown people. Don’t act surprised. Don’t look shocked. It’s been the way for centuries.

PakCast interviews Ambreen Ali on the one year anniversary of the devastating Pakistan Earthquake.

One year later and with a harsh winter beginning, she says, too little has been done and too many are still living in makeshift housing.

In my reciprocal response to this coming trend of Head Of State becoming a blogger, I as blogger have decided to become a Head Of State. For this reason, I would like to announce my candidacy as the next President of Pakistan. I think I already possess the necessary credentials, as I just recently bought myself an ex-army general's uniform with all the necessary accessories, including the requisite medals, bells, and whistles. For those who still question my rationale for my qualification for this position, all I can say is that if a military dictator can stake claim to being a Head of a ‘democratic’ country, why can't I, (a blogger), claim myself as the Chief of Army Staff and the President of the country?

Meanwhile, Windmills points to a site for sore muslims. Tears also makes an impassioned post on the anniversary of the Pakistan Earthquake.

And then came the horrible sound of rolling, rumbling rock as the bricks in the half constructed house behind ours fell and living as we did on the 2nd floor, felt the entire house sway on its foundations and heard my mother (who is seriously phobic about earthquakes) scream for my brother and myself. I leaped out of bed and ran out of my room to grab hold of my mother who was in a complete panic and nearly in tears, calling out my brother’s name and then mine although my brother had already reached her. And we stood there, the three of us holding on to each other in a doorway, reciting what we could, feeling the ground shake beneath our feet and hear the china clatter in the cabinets along with the shouts and commotion of people in our usually quiet street.

and finally I debate myself on the issue of a blog post. Well that's it for this week, I'm off to get my new general's uniform altered. The sleeves are too long and the pants are too short, figure that one out?

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