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Mexico: Oaxaca Remains at Standstill

Categories: Latin America, Mexico, Politics, Protest

On indigenous peoples day, Vivir Latino takes a at the ongoing protest in Oaxaca, Mexico [1], commenting that “it is important to look throughout our Americas at the people leading struggles in the name of their community's future.” Writing from Oaxaca, Mark in Mexico translates an opinion piece by Sergio Sarmiento [2] of TV Azteca criticizing “all parties involved in this 4 month-long fiasco.” Juán José Díaz Bermudez describes the party politics at hand behind the street protests [ES] [3] and, finally, Ana Maria Salazar tells us [4] that the Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO) now has their own website [5] after warning readers to “stay away from Oaxaca [6].”