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Congolese Blogger on Darfur

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, D.R. of Congo, Sudan, Development, Humanitarian Response, Ideas, Politics, Religion, War & Conflict

At Forum Realisance (Fr), Congolese blogger Musengeshi Katata takes France, Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger, Christianity, radical Islam and the black African elite to task for the conflict in Darfur [1]: “Darfur is not only a new battlefield between Christianity and Islam; it is also offers a poignant indictment of the black race, unaware of how dangerous weakness in the face of these two predatory cultures and religions can be. The conflict shows black Africa how stagnation and traditionalism without economic, social and scientific development leads to misery and serves all the world's crooks and bandits.” On the international dimension of the conflict: “They say that when two mice fight in the proverbial milk, another reaps the cheese.”