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Chilean Blog Update: Woman's Talk

Categories: Latin America, Chile, Women & Gender

There are two very popular 100% womens isues blogs in Chile. Men, fashion, concerns, boyfriends, relations, thoughts, all center on women's interests: Zancadas ( [1]ES) and nuestroclubdelulu [2] (ES) . In the last post of Zancadas, Ana Paula Do Brasil wrote [3] about the moment just before we are about to go out at night:

Estoy segura que aquí todas tienen una lista o por lo menos una canción especial para el momento de la “preparación” para el carrete. Son aquellas canciones que, mientras una se maquilla, se viste o va manejando para una fiesta, parecen traer un mensajecito a más, tipo: “hoy incorporo el espíritu Madonna y nadie me hará parar de bailar”, o “finalmente voy a salir a carretear después de tanto tiempo vuelta loca en la pega”, o “por fin una noche onda ‘Sex&The City’ con mis amigas” y por ahi va.

I’m sure that everyone here has a list or al least one special song for the preparation before going out at night. Songs that while we are doing our makeup, dressing, driving for a party, carry a message. Like “Today I take Madonna's spirit and no one will stop my dancing” or “ finally I will go out after all the time I've working like crazy” or “finally a Sex&TheCity night with my friends.”

She continues sharing a list of the songs she has for the moment. Of course, all the comments on this post are from women,.

Another group blog by women and for women is nuestroclubdelulu [2](ES). “Demand” is the title of the latest post and refers to the limits in a couple's relation. The one befor that was about Boyfriends with children.

As the time passes, it is every day more difficult to find a partner without a past and without responsibilities such as son or daughter.