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China: Cows, pigs and balls

Last week, two women at—a blogger's portal unique in that it was set up by prominent bloggers themselves as opposed to a large media corporation—acted on dissatisfaction with what they saw as an old yellow guys club (the Chinese name is Bull Blog) and started their own blog, Cow Log, whose name translates to ‘Cow Blog’. Judging from the first few posts, sex from a woman's perspective—still a sorta unheard voice in China—seems to be a central theme. Like so much great Chinese writing, a lot of what can be found there wouldn't make much sense if translated.

From Cow Log's second post, ‘He's a Virgin’, dated September 13:


First off, in China's excellent environment, over eighty percent of male virgins have watched pornography, so don't believe what you've read in books; they're much more stupid and clumsy. During foreplay, they'll do like they've seen in pornos: first kiss, then look for the bra clasp, unhook it, rub your breasts, sneakily move their hands down deep, take off your underwear—and enter the essential phase. During this phase, those not versed in the ways of the world will pretend like they know where they're going. Although if you're wearing one of those bras that fasten in the front, you might confuse them for a bit.
Into the essential phase, right, it's at this point that the difference between virgins and veterans appears. Sometimes they'll lean on your body, leaving you unable to breathe. Because no woman has never told them, you'll need to use your hands to prop yourself up. Once you point this out, they'll change, but then the next problem arises: he can't find the entrance!

KielBoat at MSN Spaces gives a quick two cents on the Taiwan-wide campaign aimed at seeing current president Chen Shui-bian step down:


The movement is The People's Ball
The kind of collective lifestyle that I wrote about last month is now really being reenacted on Taiwan's Ketagalan Boulevard, exactly like the mood after the hunger strike in 1989 but before June 4. Yang Tu says it feels like a family; actually it's like Lenin said, the people's ball, with the characteristics that almost all revolutions have. But, will the outcome of this sit-in demonstration be shooting? As the old Party‘s first time to stand behind Chen Shui-bian, this might just be the real reason Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokespeople said today they hope not to see any unexpected incidents. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

And Beijing-based blogger Zeng Jinyan, who has spent the last several months under constant state surveillance, whose husband has been under house arrest for the last 65 consecutive days, was browsing through Wikipedia—blocked in China—recently and happened upon the definition of the kind of state agent that now follows her everywhere she goes. Below is an addition she would like to make.


Since I took part in the appeal on behalf of Chen Guangcheng in June, I just have to walk out the door and can see a pack of emotionless, pitiful men appear in the corner of my eye; sometimes there are a few women in the mix. They've never said who they are, why they're here, why they follow me every day, why they're holding spy video cameras……but I know that they belong to the Public Security Bureau‘s elite force—the national safety and security bureau, or ‘national security’ [NS] for short.
Today I saw a detailed explanation of the NS on Chinese Wikipedia and have pasted it below to share with everybody.


My experience is that the objects of NS work far exceed the Wikipedia definition. The cases of NS harassment and infringement of which I'm aware cover a very wide scope. Some social group workers, volunteers, lawyers, painters, photographers or independent documentarians, artists, freelancers, reporters, writers, poets, scholars, student society organizers, peasants with independent consciousness, AIDS sufferers, homeowner rights activists, the forcefully evicted, the religious devout, retired soldiers, petitioners, the handicapped, children……



Rules of NS behavior are:


A. As secret police, they do not display I.D., do not make clear their identity;


B. As a priviliged force above the law, they do not adhere to any legal procedures, in fact due to their behavior's illegal nature, there are no legal procedures to follow;


C. As members of a priviliged organization, they employ tactics of intimidation, verbal and physical abuse at will;


D. Resort to house arrest, abduction and illegal imprisonment at will, make citizens disappear when needed;


E. Frame or entrap citizens at will, manipulate judicial trials, lock up citizens on unjust charges, at the same time arbitrarily send citizens to labor reform or into psychiatric hospitals;


F. Arbitrarily follow, secretly film, monitor citizens’ or organizations’ phone calls, SMSes, monitor the internet, intercept e-mails, or cut off citizens’ telephones and internet at any time and any place;


G. Completely deny any actions carried out by the organization itself or any individual secret police officer, as well as use their special privileges to eliminate any evidence beforehand or warn or threaten any possible witnessses;


H. As ‘Gestapo’-type political police, they are absolutely faithful to The Party, and depart from the people, the nation, the constitution and the law to The Party's advantage;


I. As the premier special forces belonging to the Public Security Bureau, they can transfer other police forces at any time to coordinate with their own state triad-style actions.


J. NS secret police are only responsible to their superiors’ orders and their own rice bowl; conscience, morality, justice and justness aren't taken into consideration.




All of us Chinese citizens who have crossed swords with the NS can all go and enrich Wikipedia definitions. Except that our mainland China leaves most people no way to log in to Wikipedia, because it has already been blocked by the Public Security Department of the People's Republic of China's internet police. Another simple illustrative example is that we don't even our right to access information and express opinions has been deprived. NS, just what on earth are you defending?

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  • human book

    List of racial discriminations in Malaysia, practiced by government as well as government agencies. This list is an open secret. Best verified by government itself because it got the statistics.

    This list is not in the order of importance, that means the first one on the list is not the most important and the last one on the list does not mean least important.

    This list is a common knowledge to a lot of Malaysians, especially those non-malays (Chinese, Ibans, Kadazans, Orang Asli, Tamils, etc) who were being racially discriminated.

    Figures in this list are estimates only and please take it as a guide only. Government of Malaysia has the most correct figures. Is government of Malaysia too ashamed to publish their racist acts by publishing racial statistics?

    This list cover a period of about 49 years since independence (1957).

    List of racial discriminations (Malaysia):

    (1) Out of all the 5 major banks, only one bank is multi-racial, the rest are controlled by malays

    (2) 99% of Petronas directors are malays

    (3) 3% of Petronas employees are Chinese

    (4) 99% of 2000 Petronas gasoline stations are owned by malays

    (5) 100% all contractors working under Petronas projects must be bumis status

    (6) 0% of non-malay staffs is legally required in malay companies. But there must be 30% malay staffs in Chinese companies

    (7) 5% of all new intake for government army, nurses, polices, is non-malays

    (8) 2% is the present Chinese staff in Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), drop from 40% in 1960

    (9) 2% is the percentage of non-malay government servants in Putrajaya. But malays make up 98%

    (10) 7% is the percentage of Chinese government servants in the whole government (in 2004), drop from 30% in 1960

    (11) 95% of government contracts are given to malays

    (12) 100% all business licensees are controlled by malay government e.g. Approved permits, Taxi permits, etc

    (13) 80% of the Chinese rice millers in Kedah had to be sold to malay controlled Bernas in 1980s. Otherwise, life is make difficult for Chinese rice millers

    (14) 100 big companies set up, owned and managed by Chinese Malaysians were taken over by government, and later managed by malays since 1970s e.g. MISC, UMBC, UTC, etc

    (15) At least 10 Chinese owned bus companies (throughout Malaysia, throughout 40 years) had to be sold to MARA or other malay transport companies due to rejection by malay authority to Chinese application for bus routes and rejection for their application for new buses

    (16) 2 Chinese taxi drivers were barred from driving in Johor Larkin bus station. There are about 30 taxi drivers and 3 are Chinese in October 2004. Spoiling taxi club properties was the reason given

    (17) 0 non-malays are allowed to get shop lots in the new Muar bus station (November 2004)

    (18) 8000 billion ringgit is the total amount the government channeled to malay pockets through ASB, ASN, MARA, privatisation of government agencies, Tabung Haji etc, through NEP over 34 years period

    (19) 48 Chinese primary schools closed down since 1968 – 2000

    (20) 144 Indian primary schools closed down since 1968 – 2000

    (21) 2637 malay primary schools built since 1968 – 2000

    (22) 2.5% is government budget for Chinese primary schools. Indian schools got only 1%, malay schools got 96.5%

    (23) While a Chinese parent with RM1000 salary (monthly) cannot get school-text-book-loan, a malay parent with RM2000 salary is eligible

    (24) 10 all public universities vice chancellors are malays

    (25) 5% – the government universities lecturers of non-malay origins had been reduced from about 70% in 1965 to only 5% in 2004

    (26) Only 5% is given to non-malays for government scholarships over 40 years

    (27) 0 Chinese or Indians were sent to Japan and Korea under “Look East Policy”

    (28) 128 STPM Chinese top students could not get into the course that they aspired e.g. Medicine (in 2004)

    (29) 10% place for non-bumi students for MARA science schools beginning from year 2003, but only 7% are filled. Before that it was 100% malays

    (30) 50 cases whereby Chinese and Indian Malaysians, are beaten up in the National Service program in 2003

    (31) 25% is Malaysian Chinese population in 2004, drop from 45% in 1957

    (32) 7% is the present Malaysian Indians population (2004), a drop from 12% in 1957

    (33) 2 million Chinese Malaysians had emigrated to overseas since 40 years ago

    (34) 0.5 million Indian Malaysians had emigrated to overseas

    (35) 3 million Indonesians had migrated into Malaysia and became Malaysian citizens with bumis status

    (36) 600000 are the Chinese and Indian Malaysians with red IC and were rejected repeatedly when applying for citizenship for 40 years. Perhaps 60% of them had already passed away due to old age. This shows racism of how easily Indonesians got their citizenships compare with the Chinese and Indians

    (37) 5% – 15% discount for a malay to buy a house, regardless whether the malay is poor or rich

    (38) 2% is what Chinese new villages get compare with 98% of what malay villages got for rural development budget

    (39) 50 road names (at least) had been changed from Chinese names to other names

    (40) 1 Dewan Gan Boon Leong (in Malacca) was altered to other name (e.g. Dewan Serbaguna or sort) when it was being officially used for a few days. Government try to shun Chinese names. This racism happened in around year 2000 or sort

    (41) 0 churches/temples were built for each housing estate. But every housing estate got at least one mosque/surau built

    (42) 3000 mosques/surau were built in all housing estates throughout Malaysia since 1970. No churches, no temples are required to be built in housing estates

    (43) 1 Catholic church in Shah Alam took 20 years to apply to be constructed. But told by malay authority that it must look like a factory and not look like a church. Still not yet approved in 2004

    (44) 1 publishing of Bible in Iban language banned (in 2002)

    (45) 0 of the government TV stations (RTM1, RTM2, TV3) are directors of non-malay origins

    (46) 30 government produced TV dramas and films always showed that the bad guys had Chinese face, and the good guys had malay face. You can check it out since 1970s. Recent years, this tendency becomes less

    (47) 10 times, at least, malays (especially Umno) had threatened to massacre the Chinese Malaysians using May 13 since 1969

    (48) 20 constituencies won by DAP would not get funds from the government to develop. Or these Chinese majority constituencies would be the last to be developed

    (49) 100 constituencies (parliaments and states) had been racistly re-delineated so Chinese voters were diluted that Chinese candidates, particularly DAP candidates lost in election since 1970s

    (50) Only 3 out of 12 human rights items are ratified by Malaysia government since 1960

    (51) 0 – elimination of all forms of racial discrimination (UN Human Rights) is not ratified by Malaysia government since 1960s

    (52) 20 reported cases whereby malay ambulance attendances treated Chinese patients inhumanely, and malay government hospital staffs purposely delay attending to Chinese patients in 2003. Unreported cases may be 200

    (53) 50 cases each year whereby Chinese, especially Chinese youths being beaten up by malay youths in public places. We may check at police reports provided the police took the report, otherwise there will be no record

    (54) 20 cases every year whereby Chinese drivers who accidentally knocked down malays were seriously assaulted or killed by malays

    (55) 12% is what ASB/ASN got per annum while banks fixed deposit is only about 3.5% per annum

    There are hundreds more racial discriminations in Malaysia to add to this list of “colossal” racism. It is hope that the victims of racism will write in to expose racism.

    Malaysia government should publish statistics showing how much malays had benefited from the “special rights” of malays and at the same time tell the statistics of how much other minority races are being discriminated.

    Hence, the responsibility lies in the Malaysia government itself to publish unadulterated statistics of racial discrimination.

    If the Malaysia government hides the statistics above, then there must be some evil doings, immoral doings, shameful doings and sinful doings, like the Nazi, going on onto the non-malays of Malaysia.

    Civilized nation, unlike evil Nazi, must publish statistics to show its treatment on its minority races. This is what Malaysia must publish……….

    We are asking for the publication of the statistics showing how “implementation of special rights of malays” had inflicted colossal racial discrimination onto non-malays.

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