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Thailand: Liveblogging the coup

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At least two blogs have been set up solely to cover the unfolding military coup in Thailand – a group blog 19sep [1] which is in English and revolution.blogrevo [2] which is in Thai.

Video copies of coup-related announcements are appearing on YouTube. Below is the first televised announcement of the take-over by the military.

There's also a capture of the televised announcement of the “first and second orders of the Democratic Reform Coucil” [3], a previously unknow organisation and the name used by the military who have taken control of Bangkok.

A search on the photo-sharing website flickr [4] on the keyword “coup” brings up nearly 100 pictures from Thailand posted within the last 24 hours from pictures of the army in position round the streets of Bangkok…

[Picture by goshen42 [5]]

…to visual evidence of the blocking of foreign cable TV channels

[Picture by kengz]

The bulletin board 2Bangkok.com [6] has a regularly-updated page devoted to the current coup events High tension in Thailand but the most recent post warns that internet connections are becoming very slow.