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China: Don't anger the youth

Trolls with dozens of axes to grind, China's angry youth (愤青) are the single loudest and mobilized group on the internet in China. Nationalist, racist, sexist and more, they embody pretty much every ugly extreme to be found in contemporary China. While most rational netizens ignore them, their dominant online presence means they can't be avoided or discounted.

As seen in Frank Dai's post today, angry youth are not people you want on your back. Here's one recent example [zh], tame in comparison to the rabid castration, death and expulsion threats launched against last month's target, a British sexblogger based in Shanghai:


Why can foreigners run wild in Guangzhou, even violently attack Chinese?


Today on the bus as we were passing Xichang I saw two foreigners in the midst of punching and kicking a (Chinese) dumpster diver, beat the Chinese until his head was bleeding….most shocking of all, there was a Chinese woman beside them watching with delight, laughing her head off…..! Lu Xun said, Chinese’ biggest sorrow isn't ignorance, but apathy….!!!

Superman Little Bro


Can I just ask what you were doing at the time?

Reborn Three Years


Was the author the Chinese woman standing off to the side?

Kill The Ni**ers (杀死黑鬼)


Not only is this the dumpster diver's bad luck, but Chinese’ sorrow—the devils run wild and the traitor blocks the exit

My Head Lays Flat


Calling 911 would have been a bit more practical than posting this

Kill The Ni**ers


Foreigners beating up Chinese isn't news! On the contrary, Chinese beating foreigners is against the law! Would calling 911 made a difference?

Zhou Xiaodong


Again foreign dogs are bullying Chinese, Chinese must uprise together, strike them hard!

New Mr. Goodytwoshoes (新好好先生)


Chinese are……{spectators}…..

My Head Lays Flat


1. It's useless to call 911 after someone gets robbed, but you still make the call.
2. Let the foreigners attack, then sue them for all they've got.



Shit, I'd go over swinging, a bit more practical than making that call.



That bit above, shameless enough to die

Love In The Outer Milky Way


After seeing that, guaranteed I'd beat them to death….
I seriously despise that laughing woman…seriously despise the author, watching and not getting in there for revenge.

Guangdong Nutcase


Why didn't you call 911?

Widow: I Do Want You (寡人410)


The author probably saw this from the bus.!! Even if it wasn't convenient to get off the bus you still could have called the cops,.~~~~

Shell-picking Mermaid


Yeah, I think us Chinese oughta learn from Koreans’ patriotism! Us Chinese don't even compare in comparison to them! Otherwise why else would people overseas say that one Chinese is a dragon, but a group of Chinese is a worm?! That's to say, we're not in solidarity! Many people in China can't see the ways other people are are better than themselves! We lack the spirit we should have.

Man-made Diamond


In my estimation, the author is a hotblooded patriotic youth, here to spread lies and work people up!
From the bus you have no way of knowing the details of the beating. How do you know it was a dumpster diver being beaten? Like, do you know him? As for the laughing woman, how do you know she was getting kicks out of it?
If it was me passing by, my guess would be that the person being beaten was a robber, and the laughing woman was the robbery victim. Foreigners hitting people might just be out of seeing something wrong and stepping in to help.

My Head Lays Flat


What you seen in passing was probably a traitor.

Man-made Diamond


Haha! Strong support the [Shell-picking Mermaid]'s thoughts!
What I fear most is being roped in with evil ‘nationalists'!
To be called a ‘traitor’ by a ‘nationalist’, would be my honor!

My Head Lays Flat


I said probably, and I didn't say who,
You yourself thought he was a ‘traitor’.
Whatever makes you happy.

Man-made Diamond


Caught in Flathead's trap!
Gimme a break!

Got Another Better Lover


Foreign guests, flat heads or not, report to the nationalistic angry youth ASAP or else. But then, I don't know who the author should be out to get more~~~

Take It Easy (晃晃悠悠吧)



Man-made Diamond


You won't get off that easily. Say clearly who the traitor is first!



Does it really need to be said who the traitor was? Any Chinese with a conscience would know!!!



Damn, 911 is free and you still didn't call

Poplar Yang



Man-made Diamond


The person with conscience, are you talking about me? Well then let me tell you, this is about more than just right or wrong, it's an attitude based on objectivity and fairness. Whether someone is good or bad has nothing to do with whether or not they love their country. People who see everything in terms of loving the state or not, they are called angry youth, a pack of depraved and despicable people; Chinese lacking conscience. Got it?

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1


Feeling everything about China is negative
If that's not called angry youth, then what is it?
‘This pack of people are depraved and despicable'?
I don't even know how you could run off at the mouth so arbitrarily like that

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1


The kind of person who like to say others are depraved and despicable
Ninety percent of them have no shame



Really? I don't believe it. If I saw it I'd rip into those gwailos.



These devils surrendered to China, how dare they show their faces here. They'll be China's prisoners forever.

Man-made Diamond


What you said is right, but I've never been a fan of calling others depraved and despicable. Say I do, then I surely have my reasons. To put it another way, he would have to be a depraved and despicable person for me to say something like that. Get it?
In comparison, angry youth calling for peolpe to love their country is plain-out despicable behavior. Why? ‘Don't do to others as you wouldn't have them do unto you'; ‘loving the country’ is something you yourself are not willing to do, yet hope others will. ‘Loving the country’ implies one giving up their own interests, but how big a payout? According to the nationalist angry youth's demands, one must give one's all, including their life. You tell me—are you willing? Say people love their country, and give their all. Then who would benefit? Who benefits from other peoples’ ‘country love’ behavior?
You love your country; that's your right, something you're willing to do; nothing I can say about that or any comment to make. But say you tell others to love their country; if that doesn't count as depraved and despicable, it at least counts as mean!
On top of that, please switch to a better-sounding nickname when debating. Every character in this ID of yours is disgusting!

Gentlewoman Goes Crazy

恩 支持人造金刚石.是非善恶的标准,是建立在客观公正的态度上的

Uh-huh. I support Man-made Diamond. This is about more than just right or wrong, It is an attitude based on objectivity and fairness.

Man-made Diamond


Got a pretty girl's support! I feel so inspired!
Heh heh!

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1


1. Nonsense. Does anyone actually think they have no reason to curse other people while they're cursing?
2. You haven't had your chance to ‘give your all’ yet, so you're just thinking about how to get out of it.
3. With the same line of thinking, if you love being the traitor, you can, but why can't others love their country? What you've said is contradictory.
4. Man-made Diamond is crap. Not worth much more than broken glass. People who pass fake stones off as jewels are disgusting and tasteless.

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre 1


Big Tits No Brains, an objective and just posture doesn't exist in this world. Different positions have different standards of right and wrong.

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1


You want me to change my nickname? What's your reasoning? You, you look so disgusting, can I put you back in the womb you came from?

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1


So old and never seen a pretty girl before?
Heh Heh!

Man-made Diamond


You're the one with no brains!
As a common citizen, someone with no special privilege, I don't know, doesn't my stance reflect the stances of most citizens similar to me?

Man-made Diamond


Those angry youth have no shame, and what they say is incoherent.
You say I don't have enough taste, I don't object. What kind of person loves a ‘nation'? Without a master of ‘national interest’, what ‘nation’ is there for people to learn to love? Say you ‘love the nation’, I won't object. At most I'll be an observer and nothing more, just like watching a suicide. But I absolutely will not persuade, cheat, instigate or entice someone to kill themselves. This is my moral bottom line!

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1


If you have any basic common sense at all, you should understand that most people are fools, and those not fools are the minority. Since you put yourself among the majority, I can say with conviction that you're quite the fool; you have no brain!

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1


Following through with the above conclusion, brainless you and the thoughts you put out must be quite confused, that's why when you hear any reasoning you think people are incoherent.
That said, say you wanted to be a ‘traitor’. Nor do I have any need to object. In any case, your failures outnumber your successes.

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1


We know that someone with low taste's moral bottom line will also be quite low. Sometimes the temptation of petty profits are enough to make give abandon his so-called morality.

Don't Be A Punk


Comrades, could you argue just a little bit louder?


MD ~~就算是抢劫犯也用不着洋鬼子执法吧~~

Hell ~~even if it was a robber there's no need for foreign devils to enforce the law~~



Any photos? Upload some and let everyone see.

Man-made Diamond


Just what is a fool? It's someone lacking the ability of independent though, lacking a sense of right or wrong.
Under normal circumstances, both outstanding and foolish types are in the minority, most people are common. Say there was a country, and the majority of its citizens were fools, that would suggest that this country's education has problems, making barbarians of its people.
Say the majority of China's citizens had been turned into fools by its education, Propaganda Cadre's contribution would undoubtedly have been the greatest.

Man-made Diamond


For sure it would be Propaganda Cadre. The skill involved in quoting things out of context is not simple! This is unrefutable!

Man-made Diamond


Who said the foreigners were enforcing the law?
Say you walked by a robbery and helped catched the thief; nobody would see that as you enforcing the law?



Nobody would agree without thinking it through first.

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1


Nobody's swearing at me, and I'm not swearing at anybody. I'm just abiding by rules of common courtesy.

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1


Those who know shame are brave in their own way, you don't need to make anyone else lose face.

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1


I apologize, I only want to get that Diamond. I've actually had a crush on Gentlewoman for a long time.
Heh heh, you're so bad, I'm so scared, I'll hand Gentlewoman over to you if it comes to it.

Man-made Diamond


Ha ha, I've been a badmouther since early on, I'm just afraid they'll block my user ID. Just get it over with. But say the webmaster lets people get away with cursing in here, I promise to kick the fighting up a notch, call somebody a stupid c***.

Man-made Diamond


This Guerrilla is actually a pretty civilized angry youth, worth praising a bit. Although angry youth will be angry youth; what they say will always stink!

Guerrilla Man-made Diamond


1. If you think I'm a stinking angry youth, then a stinking angry youth I will be. And you're a fragrant traitor?
2. Making an argument but feel like cursing? Don't hold back; hold back too much and you'll really be stopping yourself from becoming a stupid c***.

Little Handsome

某日我在岗顶电脑城附近的天桥碰上两黑鬼,一看就是能混的,说不定是传说中的黑人贩毒网成员,两人并排上楼梯把整条路都堵住了,走得又很慢,我想都没想把他们扒开就往前钻,钻过去回头看了一眼,眼睛瞪得老大的瞅着我。真想不通,难道中国人这么好欺负可以让老外这么不尊重么 ?我也狠狠瞪了他们一眼头也没回的走的。

One day I was near the Gangding Computer City overpass and bumped into two ni**ers. Just one look would put you off. For all I knew they were members of the legendary Black drug selling web. The two of them walked up the stairs side-by-side, blocking the whole way. And they walked slowly. Without thinking I shoved them aside and pushed ahead. I looked back and saw the bigger guy glaring at me. I just don't get it. Are Chinese so easy to bully that leads laowais to disrespect them? I glared back at them and walked off.

Man-made Diamond


To the commenter above, no need to be so down on yourself. Those blacks didn't bully you. They just walked slowly and blocked the way. That's just a matter of their life habits or upbringing. In Hong Kong, riding the escalator, those not in a hurry stand off to one side, leaving a space for those in a rush. If you go to Hong Kong and don't do like this, people would say you had no upbringing too!

Man-made Diamond


Propaganda Cadre: To say you're a stupid c*** doesn't actually count as insulting you, just being realistic and nothing more.

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1

人造金刚石: 你大脑进屎,小脑缺陷,说你傻比,你还谦虚~!

Man-made Diamond: you have defective shit for brains, you stupid c***. And you're still modest~!

Guerrilla Propaganda Cadre1


Man-made Diamond this stupid c*** has a hammer growing in his skull. So strange that the world Expo still hasn't called you to go on display!?

1 comment

  • Mov Kembo

    Basically there are the same morons in Canada and the USA, except we don’t throw firebombs into refugee hostels in Canada, or commit mass rape (But Europe nonetheless remains a tolerant place in some respects) The really sad thing about China, is that these types of ‘stories’ are

    1) believed by the vast majority of the population because the lovely government created a system in which all media news is propaganda and the people know this for the most part, so they rather trust word of mouth.

    2) often some very smart people are very focused on their particular skill and so don’t have the broad frame of reference to be able to discern between made up stories (as you can see some of the people leaving comments are able to do). But really not that different from the US!

    3) “bbs” comments get reported as ‘news’ and as an accurate measure of the mood of the people, rather than the morons with no lives they are who sit at home in chat rooms every night.

    4) foreign reports are often limited in their access to real news, and also are often somewhat lazy and often don’t speak Chinese very well so are too reliant on their Chinese assistants, who of course relish the idea of being able to publish these types of stories as either they are slightly patriotic themselves or the opposite. Or they just take what they find in a chatroom and call it news. A good journalist is a rare find these days, really!

    All that said, anyone living in China the past decade or so, like myself, would agree that the smell of anti-foreigner sentiment is much more palpable than a decade ago, fostered in part by Hu and his evil henchmen, but just generally because you have got a simmering society which despite its obvious improvements, is still very imbalanced, but everyone feels less insecure about being in a messed up country now that they have paved roads and cell phone service. As the comments above state for me, Chinese don’t get along with each other so easily! So why not, as most of the disgruntled developing world does, blame the ’round eye’ barbarian. And maybe rightly so. We did after all sell them tons and tons of opium a century ago, and recovery from drug addiction and the feelings of low self-esteem and worthlessnes don’t go away overnight, as any drug addiction counsellor will tell you! Question is though, how did all those junkies get hooked on the stuff to begin with? As white folk weren’t exactly partying with Chinese back then. Hmmmm, the thing about Chinese that does keep them down, and people often will back this up, is they don’t help each other very often. I saw this on too many occasions to recount here. And as you can see from the comments above, there are some who also hate black people too! All that said, there are tons and tons of really nice people in China. And women who like black guys too(never met a Chinese man who does in ten years there). So quit panic mongering buddy!

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