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Chile: The Day that Pinochet Dies

Categories: Latin America, Chile, History

Publicist Roberto Arancibia is one of Chile's most popular bloggers. His affable tone and optimistic perspective are adept at parsing a variety of topics. Yet rarely does his blog, El Mundo Sigue Ahí (“The World's Still There”), delve into anything that would interest a political polemicist.

Last Wednesday, a few weeks before the 33rd anniversary of the coup that installed Pinochet as dictator, could therefore be viewed as an anomaly with the publication of “The Day that Pinochet Dies [1]“:

A few days ago I read a post by Jorge Diaz (ES) [2], which asked us what we were going to do the day that Pinochet [3] died.

Just as I wrote in the comments, on September 11, 1973 I was 16 years old, studied philosophy at the University of Chile [4] and I was the owner of the world. I was on forced vacation from university and had visited Chiloé [5] as a guest of Papo, – what will come of him? – along with 4 companions from school. That morning, his mother woke us up to a large battery-powered radio, at full volume, which took over where we had slept. Get up, there is a coup in Santiago!? Of course, the news immediately replaced what had been our dreams and cured our slugishness from the previous day's curanto [6]. Just like our dreams that Tuesday morning, many dreams were cut short that day, all over the country.