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Bangladesh Blog Buzz:

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What the Bangladeshi blogs are saying:

* Tourism: Razib at the South Asia Biz lists [1] 12 reasons why you should travel Bangladesh -the land of greenery.

* Education: Rajputro sheds [2] a light on the reason behind the recent student protests in the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, his Alma Mater.

* Business: South Asia Biz reports [3] that in Sitaranpur, a Bangladesh village, human families are engaging themselves for making nests instead of birds for export to foreign countries.

* Politics: Salam Dhaka is critic [4] of the latest debacle between the Executive Chairman of the Board of Investment (BoI) of Bangladesh and the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), an independent research organization.

Shafiur of imperfect | world | 2006 terms [5] the action of the BOI chairman as the Singapore method of taking down opponents.

Nazim Farhan Choudhury of Conversations with an Optimist accuses [6] the civil society of ranting and criticizing at each possible developments. The Bangladeshi civil society fails to name the solution every time.

* Review: ‘The self-realization along with the path of Love and the infinite mercy of God’ -this is the theme of the book ‘Master of the Jinn’ by Irving Karchmar reviewed [7] by Sadiq of Inspirations and Creative Thoughts.

* Identity: Sid H Arthur of Serious Golmal discusses [8] the identity issues of the Bangladeshis.

* War: Tazzy of A sunshine too brief has some questions [9] after hearing the news of the imminent cease fire in the Middle East.
Will it last?
Will it even end anything?

* Literature: Shamsur Rahman, the most popular poet of Bangladesh died [10] at 77. The blogosphere mourned the death with the nation. Shahriar Karim of Khero Khata complains [11] that the prime minister and the leader of opposition, nor even the president, had enough time to visit the poet in his death bed.

* Culture: Razib of South Asia Biz tells [12] the way tea is generally made in roadside tea stalls in Bangladesh.

* Weather: Expat blog Akash & Nila coins a list [13] of how tos to stay cool during summer in Bangladesh.

* Bangla Blog: The Bangla language blogging platform Bandh Bhangar Awaaj [14] is growing strong with more than 50000 page views everyday. It is full of activities of more than 2500 registered users with daily postings of news, prose and poetries and lots of comments and criticisms. From contemporary issues like politics, religion to travelogue or reviews of cinemas you will find everything here. If you know the Bengali language you should not miss this site.